Data::Session::ID::Static - A persistent session manager


See Data::Session for details.


Data::Session::ID::Static allows Data::Session to generate a static (constant) session id.

To use this module do this:

o Specify an id generator of type Static, as Data::Session -> new(type => '... id:Static ...')

Case-sensitive Options

See "Case-sensitive Options" in Data::Session for important information.

Method: new()

Creates a new object of type Data::Session::ID::Static.

new() takes a hash of key/value pairs, some of which might mandatory. Further, some combinations might be mandatory.

The keys are listed here in alphabetical order.

They are lower-case because they are (also) method names, meaning they can be called to set or get the value at any time.

o id => $string

Specifies the static (constant) id to 'generate'.

This key is normally passed in as Data::Session -> new(id => $string).

Default: 0.

This key is mandatory, and can't be 0.

o verbose => $integer

Print to STDERR more or less information.

Typical values are 0, 1 and 2.

This key is normally passed in as Data::Session -> new(verbose => $integer).

This key is optional.

Method: generate()

Generates the next session id (which is always what was passed in to new(id => ...) ), or dies if it can't.

Returns the new id.

Method: id_length()

Returns 32 because that's the classic value of the size of the id field in the sessions table.

This can be used to generate the SQL to create the sessions table.


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Data::Session was written by Ron Savage <> in 2010.

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