Data::Sah::Params - (DEPRECATED) Validate function arguments using Sah schemas


This document describes version 0.005 of Data::Sah::Params (from Perl distribution Data-Sah-Params), released on 2020-09-25.


 use Data::Sah::Params qw(compile Optional Slurpy Named);

 # positional parameters, some optional
 sub f1 {
     state $check = compile(
         ["int*", min=>1, max=>10, default=>5],
         Optional [array => of=>"int*"],
     my ($foo, $bar, $baz) = $check->(@_);
 f1();                # dies, missing required argument $foo
 f1(undef);           # dies, $foo must not be undef
 f1("a");             # dies, missing required argument $bar
 f1("a", undef);      # ok, $bar = 5, $baz = undef
 f1("a", 1);          # ok, $bar = 1, $baz = undef
 f1("a", "x");        # dies, $bar is not an int
 f1("a", 3, [1,2,3]); # ok

 # positional parameters, slurpy last parameter
 sub f2 {
     state $check = compile(
         ["int*", min=>1, max=>10, default=>5],
         Slurpy [array => of=>"int*"],
     my ($foo, $bar, $baz) = $check->(@_);
 f1("a", 3, 1,2,3);   # ok, $foo="a", $bar=3, $baz=[1,2,3]
 f1("a", 3, 1,2,"b"); # dies, third element of $baz not an integer

 # named parameters, some optional
 sub f3 {
     state $check = compile(Named
         foo => ["str*"],
         bar => ["int*", min=>1, max=>10, default=>5],
         baz => Optional [array => of=>"int*"],
     my $args = $check->(@_);
 f1(foo => "a");                 # dies, missing argument 'bar'
 f1(foo => "a", bar=>1);         # ok
 f1(foo => "a", bar=>1, baz=>2); # dies, baz not an array


DEPRECATION NOTICE. Deprecated in favor of Params::Sah.


Currently mixing positional and named parameters not yet supported.


compile([ \%opts, ] $schema, ...) => coderef

Create a validator. Accepts a list of schemas. Each schema can be prefixed with Optional or Slurpy. Or, if your function will accept named arguments (%args) you can use: Named(PARAM1=>$schema1, PARAM2=>$schema2, ...) instead.

Known options:

  • want_source => bool

    If set to 1, will return validator source code string instead of compiled code (coderef). Useful for debugging.


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Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website

When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


Params::Sah is now the preferred module over this.

Sah for the schema language.

Similar modules: Type::Params, Params::Validate, Params::CheckCompiler.

If you put your schemas in Rinci function metadata (I recommend it, for the convenience of specifying other stuffs besides argument schemas), take a look at Perinci::Sub::ValidateArgs.

Params::Sah. I've actually implemented something similar the year before (albeit with a slightly different interface), before absent-mindedly reimplemented later :-) We'll see which one will thrive.


perlancar <>


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