Dancer::SearchApp::Extractor - metadata extractors


->extract( %options )

  my $info = $tika->get_meta( $content );
  my $entry = $extractor->extract(
              url => $url,
              info => $info,
              #content => \$content, # if we have it
              filename => $file, # if we have it
              folder => $res{ folder }, # if we have it
  )->then(sub { ... });
  # Do something with the hashrefs we get back,
  # like insert the first one into Elasticsearch

This method goes through all installed plugins and offers the file for inspection. The $info parameter will contain the information and content extracted by Apache Tika, so especially the MIME type will be available.

The method returns a promise so that analysis can happen in the background. The promise will be passed a list of the found items that were not undef. Currently no ranking is performed and all plugins are treated as equally applicable.