Daizu::Plugin::XHTMLArticle - plugin for loading articles written in XHTML


This article loader plugin allows you to write Daizu articles in XHTML format. The content of the files it is used for must be well-formed XML, except that there is no need to have a single root element. The content is wrapped in a body element before being parsed. This plugin will fail if there are any errors during parsing.

The default namespace declared on the root body element is the XHTML namespace. The namespace prefix daizu is also declared and mapped to the Daizu HTML extension namespace.

A DTD is also included automatically. It doesn't validate the input, but it does provide all the standard HTML entity references, so for example you can use   to get a non-breaking space.

TODO - link to a page describing the HTML extensions.

TODO - describe the XInclude support and daizu: URI scheme.


To turn on this plugin, include the following in your Daizu CMS configuration file:

    <plugin class="Daizu::Plugin::XHTMLArticle" />


Daizu::Plugin::XHTMLArticle->register($cms, $whole_config, $plugin_config, $path)

Called by Daizu CMS when the plugin is registered. It registers the load_article() method as an article loader for the MIME types 'text/html' and 'application/xhtml+xml'.

The configuration is currently ignored.

$self->load_article($cms, $file)

Does the actual parsing of the XHTML content of $file (which should be a Daizu::File object), and returns the appropriate content as an XHTML DOM of the file.

Never rejects a file, and therefore always returns true.


This software is copyright 2006 Geoff Richards <>. For licensing information see this page: