DBIx::ProcedureCall::PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL driver for DBIx::ProcedureCall


This is an internal module used by DBIx::ProcedureCall. You do not need to access it directly.However, you should read the following documentation, because it explains how to use DBIx::ProcedureCall with PostgreSQL databases.

Only IN parameters

PostgreSQL stored procedures do not support OUT parameters.

No named parameters

PostgreSQL stored procedures do not support named parameters. You will have to use positional parameters.

Returning result sets

You can use table functions to return result sets.

        CREATE FUNCTION test_table_func() RETURNS SETOF pg_user AS $$
                SELECT * FROM pg_user;
        $$ LANGUAGE SQL;

:table / :fetch

To access the function from Perl, you have to declare it as a table function (using :table). It will then return a DBI statement handle from which you can fetch (and then close the result set).

You can also let DBIx::ProcedureCall fetch the data for you by using one of the :fetch attributes:

        use DBIx::ProcedureCall qw( test_table_func:fetch[[]] )

If you specify a :fetch, this implies :table.


DBIx::ProcedureCall for information about this module that is not PostgreSQL-specific.



Thilo Planz, <>


Copyright 2005 by Thilo Planz

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.