DB::Pluggable - Add plugin support for the Perl debugger


    $ cat ~/.perldb
    use DB::Pluggable;

    type = {l
    type = c
    ifenv = DBTYPEAHEAD



    $ perl -d


This class adds plugin support to the Perl debugger. It is based on Brickyard, so see its documentation for details.

You need to have a ~/.perldb file (see perldebug for details) that invokes the plugin mechanism.

Plugins should live in the DB::Pluggable::Plugin:: namespace, like DB::Pluggable::Plugin::BreakOnTestNumber does.



Convenience class method to create, initialize and run the plugin system with the given configuration file or scalar reference.


Like the method with the same name in Brickyard.


Like the method with the same name in Brickyard.


Tells the debugger to call DB::watchfunction(), which in turn calls the watchfunction() method of all plugins that consume the -WatchFunction role.


This method just calls the initialize() method of all plugins that consume the -Initializer role.

Plugin Phases

This class is very much in beta, so it's more like a proof of concept. Therefore, not all roles - which more or less correspond to plugin phases - imaginable have been added, only the ones to make this demo work. If you want more roles or if the current roles don't work for you, let me know.

The following roles exist:


See DB::Pluggable::Role::Initializer.


See DB::Pluggable::Role::WatchFunction.


See DB::Pluggable::Role::AfterInit.


See DB::Pluggable::Role::Eval. The debugger's eval() function is overridden so we can make it pluggable. Each plugin will get a chance to inspect the command line, which is the last line in $DB::evalarg and act on it. The plugin can return a code reference which will be executed after the original DB::eval() function has finished. Using the code reference you can undo any temporary changes you might have introduced to make your command work.


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