Crypt::LE::Challenge::Simple - A boilerplate for extending Crypt::LE and Crypt::LE client application ( with challenge/verification handlers.


 use Crypt::LE;
 use Crypt::LE::Challenge::Simple;
 my $le = Crypt::LE->new();
 my $simple_challenge = Crypt::LE::Challenge::Simple->new();


Crypt::LE provides the functionality necessary to use Let's Encrypt API and generate free SSL certificates for your domains. This Crypt::LE plugin is an example of how challenge and verification handling can be done by an external module.

This module can also be used with the provided Crypt::LE client application - ... --handle-with Crypt::LE::Challenge::Simple --handle-params '{"key1": 1, "key2": 2, "key3": "something"}'


Alexander Yezhov, <leader at> Domain Knowledge Ltd.