Config::YAML::Tiny - simple reading and writing of YAML-formatted configuration files using YAML::Tiny


Version 1.42.0


    use Config::YAML::Tiny;

    # create Config::YAML object with any desired initial options
    # parameters; load system config; set alternate output file
    my $c = Config::YAML->new( config => "/usr/share/foo/globalconf",
                               output => "~/.foorc",
                               param1 => value1,
                               param2 => value2,
                               paramN => valueN,

    # integrate user's own config

    # integrate command line args using Getopt::Long
    $rc = GetOptions ( $c,

    # Write configuration state to disk

    # simply get params back for use...
    do_something() unless $c->{param1};
    # or get them more OO-ly if that makes you feel better
    my $value = $c->get_param2;


Config::YAML is a somewhat object-oriented wrapper around the YAML module which makes reading and writing configuration files simple. Handling multiple config files (e.g. system and per-user configuration, or a gallery app with per-directory configuration) is a snap.



Creates a new Config::YAML::Tiny object.

    my $c = Config::YAML::Tiny->new( config => initial_config, 
                               output => output_config

The config parameter specifies the file to be read in during object creation. It is required, and must be the first parameter given. If the second parameter is output, then it is used to specify the file to which configuration data will later be written out. This positional dependancy makes it possible to have parameters named "config" and/or "output" in config files.

Initial configuration values can be passed as subsequent parameters to the constructor:

    my $c = Config::YAML::Tiny->new( config => "~/.foorc",
                               foo    => "abc",
                               bar    => "xyz",
                               baz    => [ 1, 2, 3 ],


If you'd prefer not to directly molest the object to store and retrieve configuration data (something I highly recommend, autoloading methods of the forms get_[param] and set_[param] are provided. Continuing from the previous example:

    print $c->get_foo;      # prints "abc"
    my $val = $c->get_quux; # $c->{quux} doesn't exist; returns undef

    $c->set_bar(30);     # $c->{bar} now equals 30, not "xyz"
    my @list = qw(alpha beta gamma);
    $c->set_baz(\@list); # $c->{baz} now a reference to @list


Convenience method for folding multiple values into the config object at once. Requires a hashref as its argument.

    $prefs{theme}  = param(theme);
    $prefs{format} = param(format);
    $prefs{sortby} = param(order);


    my $format = $c->get_format; # value matches that of param(format)


Imports a YAML-formatted config file.


read() is called at object creation and imports the file specified by new(config=>), so there is no need to call it manually unless multiple config files exist.


Dump current configuration state to a YAML-formatted flat file.


The file to be written is specified in the constructor call. See the new method documentation for details.


These methods have been superceded and will likely be removed in the next release.


Returns the value of a parameter.

    print $c->get('foo');


Sets the value of a parameter:


    my @paints = qw( oil acrylic tempera );
    $c->set('paints', \@paints);


This module should be able to work as a drop in replacement of Config::YAML.

This code began as a quick post of the Config::YAML 1.42 code changing as little as possible to get YAML::Tiny working and the module passing all of the unit tests provided by its predecessor.

In future releases I plan on refactoring the methods to replacement some of its code with functionality already in YAML::Tiny. I also intend on removing the deprecated methods at some point also.

My intention will be to maintain compatability with Config::YAML using the original unit test.


  • Config::YAML::Tiny ignores the YAML document separation string (---) because it has no concept of multiple targets for the data coming from a config file.


Bugs should be reported via the GitHub project issues tracking system:


Timothy Appnel (<>)

Originally based on Config::YAML by Shawn Boyette (<>) who based his original implementation off of YAML::ConfigFile by Kirrily "Skud" Robert.


Config::YAML YAML::Tiny


Config::YAML:Tiny is Copyright 2010, Timothy Appnel, unlessnoted otherwise. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.