CallBackery::GuiPlugin::AbstractTable - Base Class for a table plugin


 use Mojo::Base 'CallBackery::GuiPlugin::AbstractTable';


The base class for table plugins, derived from CallBackery::GuiPlugin::AbstractForm


The attributes of the CallBackery::GuiPlugin::AbstractForm class and these:


a table configuration

 return [
        label => trm('Id'),
        type => 'number',
        flex => 1,
        key => 'id',
        sortable => true,
        label => trm('Date'),
        type => 'str',
        flex => 2
        key => 'date'
        label => trm('Content'),
        type => 'str',
        flex => 8,
        key => 'date'


All the methods of CallBackery::GuiPlugin::AbstractForm plus:

getData ('tableData|tableRowCount',tableDataRequest);

Return the requested table data and pass other types of request on to the upper levels.


return data appropriate for the remote table widget


return the number of rows matching the given formData

makeExportAction(type => 'XLSX', filename => 'export-"now"', label => 'Export')

Create export button. The default type is XLSX, also available is CSV.


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Tobias Oetiker <>


 2013-12-16 to 1.0 first version