CGI::Untaint::html - validate sanitized HTML


     use CGI::Untaint;
     my $handler = CGI::Untaint->new($q->Vars);

     my $time = $handler->extract(-as_html => 'description');


Web forms which take HTML from the user for later display on site open themselves up to the potential of cross-site scripting attacks, messy sites due to unclosed tags, or merely big images of Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

HTML::Sanitizer helps eliminate this by tidying up the HTML, and this module is a wrapper around HTML::Sanitizer for CGI::Untaint. When you extract as_html, you can be sure that the HTML isn't going to play havoc with your site.

It does this by using a fairly standard set of configuration parameters to HTML::Sanitizer - the "stricter" set of rules given in the examples documentation to that module.

If you want to create your own ruleset, replace $CGI::Untaint::html::sanitizer with a HTML::Sanitizer object that meets your needs.


Simon Cozens,

This module may be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


CGI::Untaint, HTML::Sanitizer.