ArrayData::Number::Prime::First1000 - List of first 1000 prime numbers


This document describes version 0.001 of ArrayData::Number::Prime::First1000 (from Perl distribution ArrayData-Number-Prime-First1000), released on 2021-05-11.


 use ArrayData::Number::Prime::First1000;

 my $ary = ArrayData::Number::Prime::First1000->new;

 # Iterate the elements
 while ($ary->has_next_item) {
     my $element = $ary->get_next_item;
     ... # do something about the element

 # Another way to iterate
 $ary->each_item(sub { my ($item, $obj, $pos) = @_; ... }); # return false in anonsub to exit early

 # Get elements by position (array index)
 my $element = $ary->get_item_at_pos(0);  # get the first element
 my $element = $ary->get_item_at_pos(90); # get the 91th element, will die if there is no element at that position.

 # Get number of elements in the list
 my $count = $ary->get_item_count;

 # Get all elements from the list
 my @all_elements = $ary->get_all_items;

 # Find an item (by iterating). See Role::TinyCommons::Collection::FindItem for more details.
 my @found = ${ary}->find_item(item => 'foo');
 my $has_item = ${ary}->has_item('foo'); # bool

 # Find an item by binary searching (only when data source is filehandle and the data is sorted)
 Role::Tiny->apply_roles_to_object($ary, 'ArrayData::BinarySearch::LinesInHandle');
 my @found = ${ary}->find_item(item => 'foo');
 my $has_item = ${ary}->has_item('foo'); # bool

 # Pick one or several random elements (apply one of these roles first: Role::TinyCommons::Collection::PickItems::{Iterator,RandomSeek})
 Role::Tiny->apply_roles_to_object($ary, 'Role::TinyCommons::Collection::PickItems::Iterator');
 my $element = ${ary}->pick_item;
 my @elements = ${ary}->pick_items(n=>3);


Mainly for testing ArrayData.


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