App::SpamcupNG::UserAgent - the SpamcupNG HTTP user agent



This class is responsible to interact with the Spamcop website, providing requests and returning the HTML responses.



Creates a new instance.

Expects as parameter:

- version: a string of the version of SpamcupNG.

Returns a new instance.


Returns a string with the HTTP header user-agent that will be used by the inner HTTP user agent.


Execute the login to Spamcop website.

If form based authentication is in use, it will login just once and return the response of HTTP GET to Spamcop root URL.

Expect as parameters:

  • id: the ID of a Spamcop account.

  • password: the password of a Spamcop account.

Returns the HTTP response (HTML content) as a scalar reference.


Fetches a SPAM report.

Expects as parameter a report ID.

Returns the HTML content as a scalar reference.


Returns the current base URL provided by the last response of getting a SPAM report.


Complete the SPAM report, by confirming it's information is OK.

Returns the HTML content as a scalar reference.


Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior, <>


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