App::SpamcupNG::Summary::Receiver - representation of a SPAM report receiver


This class was created to facilitate the handling of submitted SPAM reports for the interested parties. Sometimes a party doesn't actually receive a report and that is expected by design.


email: the "e-mail" of the report
report_id: the ID of the sent report

Sometimes a SPAM report is not sent to an e-mail address, Spamcop calls that "devnull'ing": the report is just stored for statistical reasons, no real e-mail address receive the report.

In those cases, only the indication of the domain that would receive the SPAM report is stored, without a report sent ID (actually this ID exists, but the web interface does not exports that info).



Creates a new instance.

Expects as parameter a array reference, where the first index is the "email" and the second the SPAM report sent ID.

The first parameter cannot be undef, while the second is acceptabled.


Returns the receiver attributes as strings, separated by commas.

If some of attributes are undef, the string not avaialable will be used instead.


Returns true (1) if the receiver was stored for statistics only or if it was indeed reported to a domain, false (0) otherwise.



Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior, <>


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