App::RabbitTail - Log tailer which broadcasts log lines into RabbitMQ exchanges.


    See the rabbit_tail script shipped with the distribution for simple CLI useage.

    use App::RabbitTail;
    use AnyEvent; # Not strictly needed, but you probably want to
                  # use it yourself if you're doing this manually.

    my $tailer = App::RabbitTail->new(
        # At least 1 filename must be supplied
        filename => [qw/ file1 file2 /],
        # Optional args, defaults below
        routing_key => [qw/ # /],
        host => 'localhost',
        port => 5672,
        user => 'guest',
        pass => 'guest',
        vhost => '/',
        exchange_type => 'direct',
        exchange_name => 'logs',
        exchange_durable => 0,
        max_sleep => 10,
    # You can setup other AnyEvent io watchers etc here.
    $tailer->run; # enters the event loop
    # Or:


App::RabbitTail is a trivial file tail implementation using AnyEvent IO watchers, which emits lines from the tailed files into via the Net::RabbitFoot client.

Note that this software should be considered experimental.


Plenty. Along with error conditions not being handled gracefully etc.

They will be fixed in due course as I start using this more seriously, however in the meantime, patches are welcome :)


Tomas Doran (t0m) <>


Copyright (c) 2010 Tomas Doran

Licensed under the same terms as perl itself.