App::Phoebe::WebStaticFiles - serve static files via the web


Serving static files, via the web. This is an add-on to App::Phoebe::Web and App::Phoebe::StaticFiles.

Here is an example setup where we assume that the route contains an UTF-8 encoded characters, and the directory name used also contains UTF-8 encoded characters.

    package App::Phoebe::StaticFiles;
    use utf8;
    our %routes = (
      "zürich" => "/home/alex/Pictures/2020/Zürich",
      "amaryllis" => "/home/alex/Pictures/2021/Amaryllis", );
    use App::Phoebe::WebStaticFiles;

The setup does not allow recursive traversal of the file system.

You still need to add a link to /do/static somewhere in your wiki.