App::Phoebe::WebDAV - add WebDAV to Phoebe wiki


This allows users to mount the wiki as a remote server using WebDAV. If you start it locally, for example, you should be able to mount davs://localhost:1965/ as a remote server using your file manager (i.e. Files, Finder, Windows Explorer, whatever it is called). Alternatively, you can use a dedicated WebDAV client such as cadaver.

If you want to have write access, you need to provide a username and password if Phoebe requires a token. By default, the token required by Phoebe is "hello". The username you provide is ignored. The password must match one of the tokens.

If you use a client such as cadaver, it'll ask you for a username and password when you use the "put" command for the first time. If you use the Gnome Text Editor to edit the file, this fails. The fix is to mount davs://localhost:1965/ instead. This forces Gnome Files to ask you for a username and password, and once you provide it, Gnome Text Editor can save files.


RFC 4918 defines WebDAV including the PROPFIND method.

RFC 2616 defines HTTP/1.1 including the OPTION and PUT methods.

RFC 2617 defines Basic Authentication.