App::Phoebe::Iapetus - uploads using the Iapetus protocol


This allows known editors to upload files and pages using the Iapetus protocol. See Iapetus documentation.

In order to be a known editor, you need to set @known_fingerprints in your config file. Here’s an example:

    package App::Phoebe;
    our @known_fingerprints;
    @known_fingerprints = qw(
    use App::Phoebe::Iapetus;

The way to do it is to run the following, assuming the certificate is named client-cert.pem:

    openssl x509 -in client-cert.pem -noout -sha256 -fingerprint \
    | sed -e 's/://g' -e 's/SHA256 Fingerprint=/sha256$/' \
    | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]

This should give you the fingerprint in the correct format to add to the list above.

Make sure your main menu has a link to the login page. The login page allows people to pick the right certificate without interrupting their uploads.

    => /login Login