Apache::Voodoo - or just Voodoo for short; is a web application framework for Apache 1.3 and 2.0.


Voodoo provides a fast, flexible and powerful framework for website development. It's goal is to handle all the repetitious, tricky and difficult interactions with mod_perl for you.

Some features include:

  • Abstraction of mod_perl and Apache interaction away from the user's code

  • MVC (default views for HTML via HTML::Template, and JSON)

  • Dynamic reloading of modules upon change (bypass-able for production sites)

  • Automatic session management

  • Automatic database connection and persistence

  • Powerful database abstraction system vi Apache::Voodoo::Table

  • Integrated debugging tools plus support for FirePHP and Log4perl

  • Tansparently add SOAP access and WSDL to your code

  • Simple enough API that the learning curve is pretty shallow

Documentation Index

I like pod as much as the next as the next JAPH, but its limitations start to show when you need to document something more complex or extensive than module. The documentation is located here:


The Native debug template may not work in all versions of Internet Explorer. I didn't put much effort into making it work in IE; I don't use it and quiet frankly, neither should anyone else :)

Any sort of feedback is most welcome.


This creature first came to life sometime between 2000 and 2001. At the time, there was nothing available that really suited my needs, so I wrote what I wanted :) Voodoo has been in use and refinement by myself and a small group of my colleagues ever since. It has always been my intent to release this thing into the wild, but I could never seem to find the time to clean up a few ugly parts and write all the much needed documentation.


Fixes, bug reports, ideas and suggestions have been contributed by:

Paul Tinsley
Jeff Anderson
Kevin Smith
Mike Semich
Eduardo Arino de la Rubia
Doug Gruber


Maverick, /\/\averick@smurfbaneDOTorg


Copyright (c) 2005 Steven Edwards. All rights reserved.

You may use and distribute Voodoo under the terms described in the LICENSE file included with this package or Apache::Voodoo::license. The summary is it's a legalese version of the Artistic License :)