AnyEvent::Worker - Manage blocking task in external process


    use AnyEvent 5;
    use AnyEvent::Worker;
    my $worker1 = AnyEvent::Worker->new( [ 'Actual::Worker::Class' => @init_args ] );
    my $worker2 = AnyEvent::Worker->new( sub { return "Cb 1 @_"; } );
    my $worker3 = AnyEvent::Worker->new( {
        class   => 'Actual::Worker::Class2',
        new     => 'create', # alternative constructor
        args    => [qw(arg1 arg2)],
    } );
    # Invoke method `test' on Actual::Worker::Class with arguments @args
    $worker1->do( test => @args , sub {
        return warn "Request died: $@" if $@;
        warn "Received response: @_";
    # Just call callback, passed to worker2 with arguments @args
    $worker2->do( @args , sub {
        return warn "Request died: $@" if $@;
        warn "Received response: @_";


new $cb->($req), %args

Simple stateless worker. On any do a sub sill be invoked with do arguments

new [ Class => @new_args ], %args

Stateful, object-based worker. After fork, Class will we used, then instantiated with new(@new_args).

First argument to do will be interpreted as object method, rest -- as method arguments.

new { class => 'Class', args => \@new_args, new => 'constructor_method' }, %args

Same as previous, but allow to pass optional constructor name in new arg

$args{on_error} = $cb->($worker,$error,$fatal,$file,$line)

When an unexpected error occurs (for ex: child process exited or killed) on_error callback will be invoked


do @args, $cb->($res)

Only for stateless worker.

do method => @args, $cb->($res)

Only for stateful worker.


$worker->on_error ($cb->($worker, $filename, $line, $fatal))

Sets (or clears, with undef) the on_error handler.

$worker->timeout ($seconds)

Sets (or clears, with undef) the database timeout. Useful to extend the timeout when you are about to make a really long query.

$worker->do ( @args, $cb->( $worker, @response ) )

Executes worker code and execure the callback, when response is ready


Mons Anderson, <>


This module based on Marc Lehmann's AnyEvent::DBI

Thanks to Vladimir Timofeev <> for bugfixes and useful notes