Acme::CPANModules::GrepVariants - Grep-like CLI utilities available on CPAN


This document describes version 0.001 of Acme::CPANModules::GrepVariants (from Perl distribution Acme-CPANModules-GrepVariants), released on 2020-04-16.


Grep-like CLI utilities available on CPAN.


Created in 2005 by Andy Lester, ack is the granddaddy of grep-like programs that try to improve the experience of using grep to search for text in source code. ack skips VCS directories like .git or .svn, and understands file types so it doesn't look into giant .mp4s and other binaries by default. ack has spurred the development of other ack improvements (mostly in speed aspect) like The Silver Searcher (ag) or ripgrep. git also now includes a git-grep utility. ack has a website: See also

App::Greple and App::abgrep try to make searching for multiple patterns in grep easier. To search for all 'foo' and 'bar' in grep in no particular order, you either have to do something like:

 % grep --color=always foo FILES | grep bar


 % grep -P 'foo.*bar|bar.*foo' FILES

both of which get unwieldy if the number of patterns get higher. Or you can use look-ahead:

 % grep -P '(?=.*foo)(?=.*bar)' FILES

but this does not capture (thus highlight) the patterns.

Note that searching for multiple patterns in particular order ('foo.*bar'), or searching for aternates from multiple patterns ('foo|bar') is no problem in grep.

greple also has a few other tricks up its sleeve, like configuration file to define complex regexes, matching across lines, and Japanese text support.

Instead of specifying a pattern, with App::rpgrep you can specify a pattern name in a Regexp::Pattern::* module instead.


grep for PerlPowerTools simply tries to reimplement grep in Perl, as part of the project to reimplement many Unix utilities in Perl. It has few practical uses.

Searching Perl source code

App::pmgrep lets you grep over locally installed Perl modules. It's basically a shortcut for something like this:

 % pmlist -Rx | grep PAT
 % grep PAT C<pmlist -Rx>

App::Grepl uses PPI to let you grep over Perl documents; it allows you to do things like: search only in Perl code comments or inside string literals.

*Searching other than files: *




What are ways to use this module?

Aside from reading it, you can install all the listed modules using cpanmodules:

    % cpanmodules ls-entries GrepVariants | cpanm -n

or Acme::CM::Get:

    % perl -MAcme::CM::Get=GrepVariants -E'say $_->{module} for @{ $LIST->{entries} }' | cpanm -n

This module also helps lcpan produce a more meaningful result for lcpan related-mods when it comes to finding related modules for the modules listed in this Acme::CPANModules module.


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Acme::CPANModules - about the Acme::CPANModules namespace

cpanmodules - CLI tool to let you browse/view the lists



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