Acme::AutoColor - automatic color names


  use Acme::AutoColor;

  $red   = RED();    # 'ff0000'
  @green = GREEN();  # (0, 255, 0)


This module uses an AUTOLOAD function which assumes unrecognized methods are color names.

Color names are case-insensitive, though style-wise one should probably use all capitals.

It returns a hex string or a an array of RGB triplets depending on the calling context.

Color schemes may be specified in the use line:

  use Acme::AutoColor qw( X HTML );


Octarine is the discworlds eigth color. It can't actually displayed with a RGB color scheme, but as far as we know, its R, G and B components are all zero and O is 0xff. But you can use it anyway:

  $octarine   = OCTARINE();    # '000000ff'

Beware: Using OCTARINE() may - depending on your location, status as wizard and general thaumic background radiation levels - reconfigure your computer to display itself. This may result in damage to your system, secondary thaumic events, creatures from the dungeon dimensions appearing or the universe collapsing on itself.




Robert Rothenberg <rrwo at>

current Maintainer: Rene Schickbauer <rene.schickbauer at>


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