API::GitForge - generic interface to APIs of sites like GitHub, GitLab etc.


version 0.006


    # try to autodetect the forge type; works for GitHub and some others
    my $github = API::GitForge->new_from_domain(
        domain     => "",
        access_key => "12345678"

    # specify the forge type yourself by instantiating the right class
    my $salsa = API::GitForge::GitLab->new(
        domain     => "",
        access_key => "abcdef"

    # generic user operations regardless of the forge type


A git forge is a site like GitHub, GitLab etc. This module provides access to some operations which one might wish to perform against any git forge, wrapping the details of the APIs of particular forges. An example of such an operation is forking a repository into the user's own namespace.

See API::GitForge::Role::GitForge for details of all the currently supported operations. Patches adding other operations, and support for other git forges, are welcome.


new_from_domain domain => $domain, access_key => $key

Instantiate an object representing the GitForge at $domain which does API::GitForge::Role::GitForge. This function will only succeed for known forges; see %API::GitForge::known_forges. The access_key argument is optional; if present, it should be an API key for the forge.

    $API::GitForge::known_forges{""} = "API::GitForge::GitLab";

    my $ourlab = API::GitForge::new_from_domain(
        domain     => "",
        access_key => API::GitForge::forge_access_token("")

forge_access_token $domain

Return access token for forge at $domain, assumed to be stored under $ENV{XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/gitforge/access_tokens/$domain where the environment variable defaults to ~/.config if unset.

remote_forge_info $remote

Look at the URL for git remote $remote, as returned by git remote get-url, assume that this remote is a git forge, and return the domain name of that forge and the path to the repository.

    system qw(git remote add salsa;
    my ($forge_domain, $forge_repo) = API::GitForge::remote_forge_info("salsa");

    say $forge_domain;          # outputs ''
    say $forge_repo;            # outputs 'spwhitton/foo'


Unstable. Interface may change.


Sean Whitton <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2017, 2020 by Sean Whitton <>.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007