=head1 NAME

release - Release staged content to the target server


release [ B<-debug> ] [ B<-terse> | B<-verbose> ] project [ proj ... ] [ host ]


The B<release> tool is the third stage of the developer-side release process.
When run, this tool bundles the content intended for deployment to a web host
and manages the transaction of sending the data to the target and verifying
successful delivery.

=head1 OPTIONS

The B<release> tool requires at least one project be specified. Additionally,
the target host should be specified. This value may be inferred from the
project name by examining the staging area for those hosts to which the
project has been previously prepared for deployment. In this case, B<release>
selects the host that has been most recently staged for. The user is given a
warning message that a default, inferred host is being used, thus allowing
them to abort if the host is incorrect. More than one project may be specified
on the command line, but all projects will be released to the same host, and
only the first project specified will be used to deduce a target host in
absence of a command-line value.

The other options recognized in 


=head1 SEE ALSO

L<dev_rls_tool>, L<populate>, L<stage>

=head1 CAVEATS

The tool B<release> is built first around the use of the HTTP mechanism for
data transportation. The use and support of FTP is secondary. Certain
additional arguments previously used for release to the corporate server
are in the process of being re-evaluated as possibly obsoleted in favor of
configuration values.

=head1 AUTHOR

Randy J. Ray <randyr@nafohq.hp.com>


Kevin Greene