Revision history for re::engine::Plan9


    - Use Dist::Zilla to build EU::MM

0.15 2008-02-25

    * Makefile.PL: Delete M::I in favor of EU::MM

0.14 2007-07-17

    * Makefile.PL: Globbing doesn't work on windows, do it explicitly in Perl

0.13 2007-07-16

    * lib*: Don't make dynamic dynamic libs, this should solve RT#28044

0.12 2007-07-13

    * lib*: Removed lib*/Makefile which accidentally snuck in
    * Makefile.PL: Nuked DOS line endings

0.11 2007-07-12

    * lib*: Removed the Plan 9 build system and replaced it with
            Makefile.PL's in each of the lib* directories. The
            software should now port to Windows (and anywhere perl
            builds). The removed files are lib*/Make.* and

0.10 2007-07-07

    * Plan9.xs: Updated the split() special cases described to match blead
    * t/split.t: More tests for the above, taken from re::engine::PCRE
    * Plan9.h: Brought up to date with blead
    * Makefile.PL: { use utf8 } on the non-ASCII author name
    * inc: Updated to Module::Install 0.67
    * lib*: patch lib[fmt|utf|regexp] to build on Linux-x86_64 (patch sent
            to Russ Cox)

0.09 2007-06-17

    * Remove irrelevant link
    * Plan9.xs: stringarg + (strend - stringarg) == strend
    * Plan9.xs: Handle split " " and split /^/
    * Plan9.xs: M-x untabify
    * t/split.t: Test for the above
    * t/subst-loop.t: Add a note, still failing

0.08 2007-06-17

    * Plan9.xs: PERL_UNUSED_ARG() for all Plan9_intuit arguments 
    * Plan9.h: Updated engine_plan9 to run on the new blead API

0.07 2007-05-19

    * t/import.t: New test added while trying to write import/unimport
                  in XS which turned out to be too more trouble than it
                  was worth
    * t/unimport.t: ditto
    * MANIFEST.SKIP: added the TODO file

0.06 2007-05-18

    * Fixed typo in POD (spotted by wolverian)
    * Plan9.xs: Plugged match memory leak
    * Plan9.xs: const on Plan9_exec & Plan9_dupe prototypes
    * t/00-compile.t: Test that the object isa Regexp
    * t/re_tests: Uncommented a lot more tests, now running (approx)
                  everything it can
    * TODO: Removed
0.05 2007-05-18

    * t/capture.t: A test here was actually testing for broken behavior
    * Plan.xs: split // now works after a discussion with The Bear
    * No more BUGS section
0.04 2007-05-18

    * Plan9.xs: s/// now works, split // still doesn't
    * Plan9.xs: Thread support, untested but should work
    * t/s.t: plan 5 tests, not 4
    * t/pathological.t: Test for speed on pathological regexes
    * t/re_tests, t/regexp.t: Regexp tests from perl core, commented
                              out those that don't apply
    * t/subst.t: limited tests for s/// from core
    * t/subst-loop.t: Failing test for subst loop
    * t/s.t: 5 more tests for s/// added during debugging
    * t/capture.t: More tests for captures
    * t/split.t: Failing test for split behavior
    * t/subexp.t: Test for the maximum number of subexpressions

0.03 2007-03-23

    * Re-added the bug section
    * Plan9.xs: Use Zero() instead of memset()
    * t/capture: Added failing /g capture tests
    * t/s.t: Added failing s///ge test using captures

0.02 2007-03-23

    * Plan9.xs: Make s/// work
    * Plan9.xs: Correctly report regcomp errors
    * Plan9.xs: Map /s and /x to regcompnl and regcomplit
    * Updated docs to match code changes
    * Including the Plan9 Lucent license notice
    * t/s.t: More s/// tests
    * Makefile.PL: Fixes to build the Plan 9 libs by Rafael Kitover
    * Makefile.PL: Document dependency on XSLoader

0.01 2007-03-22

    * Initial release