Revision history for perlfaq

5.20230812  2023-08-12 21:30:12Z
  * some typo fixes to perlfaq4 (PR #103 and PR#104, brian d foy)
  * some wording improvements to perlfaq4 for "Why doesn't & work the way I want it to?"
    (PR#104, resolves issue #101, brian d foy)
  * some updates to perlfaq2 for perl magazines (PR#105, brian d foy)

5.20230701  2023-07-01 00:23:37Z
  * Fix Unicode code point range in glossary (Felipe Gasper, #98)
  * faq4: recommend fc() for string sorting, rather than lc() (brian d foy,

5.20210520  2021-05-20 04:16:03Z
  * faq5: remove suggestion to use read() for slurping (PR#96, Dan Book)

5.20210411  2021-04-11 00:45:30Z
  * Add entry to faq4 for equivalent to ruby #{}, python fstring
    (PR#93, John Karr)

5.20201107  2020-11-07 21:02:39Z
  * typo fix (PR#90, Samanta Navarro)
  * fix link, which now directs to (PR#91, Dan
  * modern updates to "How do I efficiently match many regular expressions"
    (PR#92, Dan Book)

5.20200523  2020-05-22 03:28:54Z
  * switch perlbug references to GitHub issue tracker (PR#87, Dan Book)

5.20200522  2020-05-22 02:24:31Z
  * updated perlfaq1 entry on Raku (PR#86, Dan Book)

5.20200125  2020-01-25 19:11:04Z
  * remove references to smartmatch in perlfaq4; replace use of
    List::Util::first with any (PR#85, Dan Book)
  * add links to (#66)

5.20191102  2019-11-02 05:34:43Z
  * fix bad pod markup in perlfaq8 (PR #78; thanks, Joaquín Ferrero!)
  * remove stale section about (PR #82, Dan Book)
  * update perlfaq9 to reference Email::Stuffer (PR #79, Dan Book)
  * update perlfaq9 to reference URL::Search (PR #80, Dan Book)
  * update perlfaq9 to use HTTP::Tiny (PR #81, Dan Book)
  * fix some broken links (issue #71, dctabuyz)

5.20190126  2019-01-26 04:39:37Z
  * Many typos and pod markup fixed (PR#75, #76; thanks, Joaquin Ferrero!)
  * Added reference in perlfaq to new ~ syntax in indented here-docs (PR#77,
    thanks Celejar!)

5.20180915  2018-09-15 22:28:25Z
  * use '.' in paths in example 'require' clauses, as . is no longer
    guaranteed to be in @INC

5.20180913  2018-09-13 04:33:27Z
  * updated references to web frameworks in perlfaq9 (thanks, Dan Book!)

5.20180605  2018-06-05 05:02:49Z
  * changed distribution $VERSION format, to 5.YYYYmmdd
  * updated guidance on SMTP over TLS (thanks, Michiel Beijen!)
  * removed defunct documentation links (thanks, J.Maslak!)
  * more details added to perlfaq1/Which version of Perl should I use?
    (thanks, J.Maslak!)
  * fixed the rounding sample code in perlfaq4 to properly demonstrate
    half-way-point alternation, rather than floating point errors (thanks,
    Denilson Sá Maia!)
  * we no longer recommend given/when in perlfaq7 (thanks, Tom Molesworth!)
  * change links to (thanks, Leo Lapworth!)

5.021011    2016-03-04 20:04:08Z
  * update info on Perl 6
  * fix LICENSE address and update prereq for its content
  * excluded README.pod from the shipped tarball distribution

5.021010    2015-07-28 18:30:48Z
  * Fix typo (Douglas L. Jenkins)
  * Fix Time::Seconds example (Niko Tyni)
  * Basic README.pod (Shlomi Fish)

5.021009    2015-01-25 22:36:24Z
  * many updates to vendor and tool details in perlfaq3 (Michiel Beijen)
  * distribution version bumped to match the first blead version it will be
    included in (5.021009)

5.0150046   2014-10-19 02:04:58Z
  * refer to Marpa::R2 instead of Marpa::XS (Jeffrey Kegler)
  * misc spelling and grammar fixes (darfich)
  * avoid bareword filehandles (Shlomi Fish, perl RT#122923)
  * reference Path::Tiny instead of File::Slurp (RT#83126)
  * some dist building cleanup (Karen Etheridge)

5.0150045   2014-08-03 17:16:06Z
  * Improve example, use File::Spec (Brian Fraser)
  * Typo in perlfaq7 (Rares Aioanei, via shlomif)
  * Typo in perlfaq1 (Xaerxess)

5.0150044   2013-09-12 19:51:52Z
  * avoid gensym in examples (Karen Etheridge)
  * Cleanup of perltoot/boot etc (Smylers)
  * Perl release schedule (Alex Beamish)
  * Module search path (Alex Beamish)
  * XS recompiling modules (Alex Beamish)
  * clarify &foo() ignores prototype (mauke)

5.0150043   2013-05-12 18:40:17Z
  * Various typos and URL fixes (dsteinbrunner)
  * Typo (argrath)

5.0150042   2013-03-06 13:37:08Z
  * Fix dodgy link as reports in #114260 of cpan RT (ranguard)
  * Hex typo (Martin Becker)
  * Typo (joaquinferrero)

5.0150041   2012-08-15 21:00:37Z
  * Kephra added as an editor (lichtkind)
  * Fixes array operation typos in perlfaq4 (oalders)
  * fixed misleading use of an array to store (Martin Becker)

5.0150040   2012-06-09 11:02:27Z
  * perlglossary provided by Tom C. from Camel 4
  * remove prototypes and & for subroutine (mauke)
  * Grammar from patch [RT #113492]
  * utf8 in Email::MIME (wchristian)

5.0150039   2012-02-18 14:33:17Z
  * Rewrite "How do I create a module?" (ranguard)
  * Remove more old questions (ranguard)
  * Improve Email::MIME example (madsen)
  * Fix to regex (RT #74215)

5.0150038   2012-01-19 20:10:06Z
  * Marpa::XS updated (Jeffrey Kegler)
  * Frameworks (wchristian, ranguard, bigpresh, kraih)
  * Cleanup (wchristian)
  * Users email (apeiron, ranguard)

5.0150037   2012-01-08 20:24:39Z
  * Better XML parsing recommendations (apeiron)
  * Remove various old questions & update a few (ranguard)
  * Change auto generate of questions a bit (ranguard)
  * Autogenerate question index in perlfaq.pod (doherty)
  * Cleanups / typos, updating nested expressions (dami, reviewed by schwern)

5.0150036   2011-10-22 15:20:34Z
  * Web site moved from -> (ranguard)
  * Delete some questions/cleanup copy (ranguard)
  * Make perlfaq.pod shorter/cleaner (kablamo)
  * Many cleanups and corrections (shlomif)

5.0150035   2011-09-26 19:44:20Z
  * Import perlglossary from blead

5.0150034   2011-09-12 17:41:25Z
  * Copy edit Perl 6 a bit more (ranguard)
  * Add blog section (ranguard)
  * Update much of the copy about emails in perlfaq9 (apeiron)
  * Many small changes (bigpresh)
  * Add descriptions to doc list (bigpresh)
  * Start moving away from global file handles (shlomif)
  * Typos, clarity and other cleanups (shlomif)
  * Cleanup copy (ranguard)
  * Start to add "my" to variables (shlomif)
  * Remove verbose/history copy (ranguard)
  * Switch to L<> around URLs (ranguard)

5.0150033   2011-08-30 20:46:25Z
  * Perl 6 changes (apeiron)
  * Replace tabs with spaces (ranguard)
  * Link to for binary (ranguard)
  * Switch C<> over to L<> for any module on CPAN (ranguard)
  * Change brace stype (apeiron)
  * Extra dzil tests (rafl)
  * Changes so more semantic, and better rendered HTML (ranguard)
  * Point to repo for how to update perlfaq (ranguard)

5.0150032   2011-08-30 18:51:59Z
  * Version number fix only

5.01500302  2011-08-29 09:53:08Z
  * Update "How to contribute to the perlfaq"

5.01500301  2011-08-29 09:08:17Z
  * Cause the 'perlfaq' package to be indexed by PAUSE so we can make use
    of its permission system.

5.015003    2011-08-26 12:37:47Z
  * Replace old bookmarks.cpan link with and
    (Leo Lapworth).
  * Fix or remove many broken links (Leo Lapworth).
  * Correct some POD markup (Father Chrysostomos).
  * Add a note on searching perlfaq (Matthew Horsfall).

5.015000    2011-07-08 09:37:58Z
  * First stand-alone release to CPAN. This release is identical to
    the version of perlfaq included with the perl code as of 5.15.0.


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