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=head1 NAME

FIXME - short description of the security issue, with an identifier of the issue as the manpage name


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This document describes the
security vulnerability for perl 5.

=head2 Are there any known exploits "in the wild" for this vulnerability

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=head2 Who is particularly vulnerable because of this issue?

FIXME or delete

=head2 What is the nature of the vulnerability?


=head2 What potential exploits are enabled by this vulnerability?

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=head2 Which major versions of perl 5 are affected?

FIXME with a list of versions that are affected, and which were updated.

=head2 How can users protect themselves?

FIXME or use the following:

If you are vulnerable, upgrade to the latest maintenance release for the
version of perl you are using.

If your release of perl is no longer supported by the perl 5 committers you
may need to upgrade to a new major release of perl. The versions currently
supported by the perl 5 committers are
FIXME 5.28.2 (until 2020-05-31)
FIXME 5.30.1 (until 2021-05-31).
The current version of perl is available from https://www.perl.org/get.html .

=head2 Who was given access to the information about the vulnerability?

FIXME or use the following:

Specifics about the vulnerability were first disclosed to
C<perl-security>, a closed subscriber mailing list that has a
subset of the perl committers subcribed to it.

=head2 When was the vulnerability discovered?


=head2 Who discovered the vulnerability?


=head2 How was the vulnerability reported?

FIXME: something like "So-and-so sent email to