package parent::versioned;

use strict;

our $VERSION = '0.002';

# Based on, version 0.237;
# parent was included in the Perl core beginning with Perl 5.10.1,
# and is dual-lived on CPAN.

sub import {
    my $class = shift;

    my $inheritor = caller(0);

    if ( @_ and $_[0] eq '-norequire' ) {
        shift @_;
    } else {
        for ( my @filename = @_ ) {

            $_ = $_->[0] if ref $_ eq 'ARRAY';

            require "$"; # dies if the file is not found

        no strict 'refs';
        push @{"$inheritor\::ISA"},
             map {ref($_) eq 'ARRAY' ? do {$_->[0]->VERSION($_->[1]); $_->[0]} : $_ }
             @_; # dies if a loop is detected or if a requisite version is not met.



=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

parent::versioned - Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time, with version checking.


    package Baz;

    # Just like parent:
    use parent::versioned qw(Foo Bar);

    # Plus version checking:
    use parent::versioned ['Foo' => 2.3], ['Bar' => 0.05], 'Baz'; # Version checking for Foo and Bar.


This module behaves identically to L<parent>, except that it also provides a means of
specifying a minimum version check for modules. It is a fork of L<parent> version 0.237,
and passes all of L<parent>'s tests, plus tests added to verify the version checking

=head2 Behavior distinct from C<parent>

If the list passed to L<parent::versioned> contains an array-ref, that reference should
specify a module name, and a minimum module version number.  Multiple array-refs may be passed
in the same call. Each module for which version checking is to be done should exist in its own
array-ref tuple.

=head3 Examples

  # No version checking on Foo or Bar. but Baz must be version 1.0 or higher.
  use parent::versioned qw(Foo Bar), ['Baz' => 1.0];

  # Version check both Foo and Bar.
  use parent::versioned ['Foo' => 0.25], ['Bar' => 1.0];

  # The -norequire parameter still works as expected:
  use parent::versioned -norequire, ['Foo' => 0.25], qw(Bar Baz);

Version checking is accomplished at compile time using the C<VERSION> method. See
C<perldoc -f use> for an explanation of how C<VERSION()> works.

The remainder of this documentation is derived directly from C<parent>.

=head2 Behavior shared with C<parent>

Allows you to both load one or more modules, while setting up inheritance from
those modules at the same time.  Mostly similar in effect to

    package Baz;
    BEGIN {
        require Foo;
        require Bar;
        push @ISA, qw(Foo Bar);

By default, every base class needs to live in a file of its own.
If you want to have a subclass and its parent class in the same file, you
can tell C<parent::versioned> not to load any modules by using the C<-norequire> switch:

  package Foo;
  sub exclaim { "I CAN HAS PERL" }

  package DoesNotLoadFooBar;
  use parent::versioned -norequire, 'Foo', 'Bar';
  # will not go looking for or

This is equivalent to the following code:

  package Foo;
  sub exclaim { "I CAN HAS PERL" }

  package DoesNotLoadFooBar;
  push @DoesNotLoadFooBar::ISA, 'Foo', 'Bar';

This is also helpful for the case where a package lives within
a differently named file:

  package MyHash;
  use Tie::Hash;
  use parent::versioned -norequire, 'Tie::StdHash';

This is equivalent to the following code:

  package MyHash;
  require Tie::Hash;
  push @ISA, 'Tie::StdHash';

If you want to load a subclass from a file that C<require> would
not consider an eligible filename (that is, it does not end in
either C<.pm> or C<.pmc>), use the following code:

  package MySecondPlugin;
  require './plugins/custom.plugin'; # contains Plugin::Custom
  use parent::versioned -norequire, 'Plugin::Custom';


L<parent> already had very good tests that reached 100% coverage. This module
has adapted all of the tests from L<parent> to avoid regressions, and has
added testing around the versioning functionality. Coverage remains at 100%:

  ---------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
  File                           stmt   bran   cond    sub    pod   time  total
  ---------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
  blib/lib/parent/  100.0  100.0  100.0  100.0    n/a  100.0  100.0
  Total                         100.0  100.0  100.0  100.0    n/a  100.0  100.0
  ---------------------------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

=head1 HISTORY

This module was forked from L<parent> 0.237, which itself was forked from
L<base> to remove the cruft that had accumulated in it.

=head1 CAVEATS

=head1 SEE ALSO

=over 4

=item L<parent>

=item L<base>



David Oswald forked this module from L<parent> version 0.237,
and added version checking.

L<parent> was authored by Rafaƫl Garcia-Suarez, Bart Lateur, Max Maischein,
Anno Siegel, and Michael Schwern.


David Oswald C<>

Copyright (c) 2019 David Oswald C<< <> >>.

Based on a fork from L<parent>, which is maintained
by Max Maischein C<< <> >>, and was introduced to the
Perl core with Perl 5.10.1.

=head1 LICENSE

This module is released under the same terms as Perl itself.