Getting Help with mod_perl 2.0 Core Development


This document covers the resources available to the mod_perl 2.0 core developer. Please notice that you probably want to read the user's help documentation if you have problems using mod_perl 2.0.

The following mailing lists and resources can be of a major interest to the mod_perl 2.0 developers.


Submitting Patches

If you submit patches the Porting/patching.pod manpage can be very useful. You can find it perl-5.7.0/Porting/patching.pod or similar or read it online at

Note that we prefer the patches inlined into an email. This makes easier to comment on them. If your email client mangles the spacing and wraps lines, then send them as MIME attachments.

mod_perl 2.0 Core Development Discussion List

This list is used by the mod_perl 2.0 core developers to discuss design issues, solve problems, munch on patches and exchange ideas.

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When reporting problems, be sure to include the output of:

 % perl build/

which generates the output from:

perl -V
httpd -V
Makefile.PL options

Please use the output generated by t/REPORT utility.

If you get segmentation faults please send the stack backtrace to the modperl developers list.

mod_perl 2.0 Core Development SVN Commits List

This list's traffic is comprised of solely svn commits, so this is the place to be if you want to see mod_perl 2.0 evolve before your eyes.

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The Apache-Test project, originally developed as a part of mod_perl 2.0, is now a part of the Apache httpd-test project. You get this repository automatically when checking out the mod_perl-2.0 svn repository or you could check it out explicitly via:

  % svn co Apache-Test

The module is discussed on the mod_perl development mailing list. Commit changes go to the mod_perl svn commit mailing list. Both lists are covered in the preceding sections.


httpd 2.0

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svn commits

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  • Apache source code cross-reference (LXR):

  • Apache source code through Doxygen documentation system:

Apache Portable Runtime (APR)

The Apache Portable Run-time libraries have been designed to provide a common interface to low level routines across any platform. mod_perl comes with a partial Perl APR API.

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svn commits

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Perl 5

Currently mod_perl 2.0 requires perl 5.6.1 and higher.

If you think you have found a bug in perl 5 report it to the perl5-porters mailing list. Otherwise please choose the appropriate list from the extensive perl related lists:

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archive: and

news gateway: news://

Perl Dev Resources


Perl uses perforce for its source revision control, see Porting/repository.pod manpage coming with Perl for more information.

the perforce repository: or

the Perl Repository Browser:

the Perl cross-reference:

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More Help

There is a parallel help document in the user documentation set which covers mod_perl user's issues.


Maintainer is the person(s) you should contact with updates, corrections and patches.

Stas Bekman []


  • Stas Bekman []

Only the major authors are listed above. For contributors see the Changes file.