Revision history for indirect

0.39    2019-07-08 12:00 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #127118] : Fails on perl >= v5.28.0 with -DDEBUGGING
                The module has been amended to accomodate with a change of
                behaviour of a core macro.
        + Upd : Contact info.

0.38    2017-11-04 15:40 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #123374] : Compatibility with CV-in-stash optimisation
                Thanks Father Chrysostomos for reporting and contributing a

0.37    2016-07-12 16:40 UTC
        + Chg : A large chunk of boilerplate XS code, which is also used in
                other XS modules, has been factored out of the main .xs file
                to a collection of .h files in the xsh subdirectory.
        + Fix : [RT #115392] : Intermittent segfaults with heredocs
                Heredocs should now be handled correctly.
                Thanks Graham Knop for reporting.

0.36    2015-07-17 22:15 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #104312] : fatal hides perl errors in modules
                no indirect 'fatal' will no longer hide compilation errors
                occurring before indirect constructs.
                Thanks Lukas Mai for reporting.

0.35    2015-04-06 22:20 UTC
        + Fix : The module could end being disabled in one thread if it was
                first loaded in another thread and that thread was immediately
                terminated. This is now fixed and should address test failures
                of t//09-load-threads.t and t/42-threads-global.t.

0.34    2015-04-02 19:50 UTC
        + Chg : The new environment variable to enable thread tests on older
                perls is PERL_FORCE_TEST_THREADS. Note that this variable
                should only be turned on by authors.
        + Fix : [RT #100068] : add link to historical tchrist post
                The link has been added to the documentation. Thanks Olivier
                Mengué for reporting.
        + Fix : Segfaults when the module is loaded by several threads (or
                Windows emulated processes) ran in parallel.
        + Fix : Update the Windows ActivePerl + gcc 3.4 workaround for
                ExtUtils::MakeMaker 7.04. Thanks Christian Walde for reporting
                and feedback on this issue.
        + Fix : Be really compatible with the optional OP_PARENT feature.
        + Tst : $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}} is now preserved on all platforms,
                which will address failures of t/41-threads-teardown.t and
                t/50-external.t with unusual compilers (like icc) that link all
                their compiled objects to their own libraries.

0.33    2014-09-29 20:20 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #99083] : Breaks eval in an END block in Win32 pseudo-forks.
                Thanks Graham Knop for reporting.
        + Fix : Segfaults during global destruction of a thread or a

0.32    2014-09-21 20:15 UTC
        + Add : Support for the PERL_OP_PARENT optional feature introduced in
                perl 5.21.2.
        + Fix : [RT #92806] : Tests that use run_perl() fail on Android
                Thanks Brian Fraser for the patch.
        + Fix : indirect constructs will no longer segfault while inside
                the empty package on perl 5.8.x. This fix may also prevent
                some segfaults during global destruction.

0.31    2013-09-05 16:45 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #88428] : no indirect in eval can trigger for direct calls
                on __PACKAGE__
                Thanks Graham Knop for reporting.
        + Tst : Author tests are no longer bundled with this distribution.
                They are only made available to authors in the git repository.

0.30    2013-05-16 15:55 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #83806] : false positives with Devel::Declare
                [RT #83839] : false positive using ? : syntax
                Thanks Andrew Main for the patch.
                However, please note that the reason this patch seems to fix
                thinks has not been explained.
        + Fix : [RT #84649] : incorrect RT link in metadata
                Thanks Karen Etheridge for reporting.

0.29    2013-03-05 01:30 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #83659] : false positives
                Proper method calls in string-like environments (like
                "@{[ $x->new ]}" will no longer be reported as indirect.
                This was a regression in 0.28.
                Thanks Andrew Main for reporting.
        + Fix : Broken linkage on Windows with gcc 3.4, which appears in
                particular when using ActivePerl's default compiler suite.
                For those setups, the indirect shared library will now be
                linked against the perl dll directly (instead of the import

0.28    2013-02-26 17:05 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #83450] : newlines confuse indirect
                Perl sometimes resets the line buffer between the object and
                the method name (e.g. for "sort Class\n->method" outside of
                eval), and this could cause direct method calls to be reported
                as indirect.
                Thanks Gianni Ceccarelli for reporting.
        + Fix : Check functions are now replaced and restored in a thread-safe
                manner, either by using the wrap_op_checker() function from perl
                when it is available (starting from perl 5.16) or by taking the
                OP_REFCNT mutex on older perls.

0.27    2013-01-30 19:00 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #82562] : indirect/Devel::CallParser interaction
                indirect has been taught to play nicely with Devel::CallParser.
                Thanks Andrew Main for the patch.
        + Tst : Author tests overhaul.

0.26    2011-10-23 14:25 UTC
        + Add : "no indirect 'global'" enables the pragma for the whole program,
                except for lexical scopes that "use indirect" explicitely.
        + Chg : Passing both the 'fatal' and 'hook' options to unimport() is
                now considered an error, and will result in an exception.
                unimport() used to consider only the first passed option of
                those two, and silently ignored the other.
        + Tst : Test failures of t/41-threads-teardown.t and t/50-external.t on
                Cygwin should have been addressed.
        + Tst : Threads tests will not fail anymore if resources constraints
                prevent the system from creating all the required threads.

0.25    2011-08-24 15:40 UTC
        + Fix : RT #69291 is now also fixed for perl 5.8. The pragma will no
                longer vivify the "indirect" entry in the hints hash %^H on
                perl 5.8.
        + Tst : Attempt to make t/50-external.t pass on Cygwin.

0.24    2011-07-17 23:15 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #64521] : "no indirect" leaking into eval.
                This is currently only fixed for perl 5.10 (perl 5.12 and
                higher were never affected). It was caused by a very stupid
                mistake of mine that was introduced in indirect version 0.23.
                Thanks Michael G Schwern for reporting.
        + Fix : [RT #69291] : breaks %^H.
                This was caused by the same mistake as for the previous bug,
                and as such it is also only fixed for perl 5.10 (and never
                affected perl 5.12).
                Thanks Andrew Main for reporting.
        + Doc : C++ compilers are officially NOT supported.

0.23    2010-10-03 00:15 UTC
        + Fix : Some indirect constructs could be incorrectly reported when
                several modules were used in the same scope. This caused
                t/30-scope.t to fail randomly.
        + Tst : Threads tests are now only run on perl 5.13.4 and higher.
                They could segfault randomly because of what seems to be an
                internal bug of Perl, which has been addressed in 5.13.4.
                There is also an environment variable that allows you to
                forcefully run those tests, but it should be set only for
                author testing and not for end users.

0.22    2010-08-16 16:00 UTC
        + Add : Indirect constructs are now reported for code interpolated
                in quote-like environments, like "${\( ... )}", "@{[ ... ]}",
                s/pattern/ ... /e, qr/(?{ ... })/ or qr/(??{ ... })/.
        + Add : You can now make the pragma lethal by passing anything matching
                /^:?fatal$/i to import(), including "FATAL" and ":Fatal".
        + Fix : [RT #60378] : segmentation fault on indirect_ck_method.
                This caused constructs like "@{[ $obj->$meth ]}" to segfault
                when $meth was a lexical.
                Thanks Tokuhiro Matsuno for reporting.

0.21    2010-05-31 23:10 UTC
        + Chg : perl 5.8.1 is now required (instead of 5.8.0).
        + Fix : [RT #57699] : indirect fail with 64-bit int on 5.13.1.
                It was actually a problem with thread destructors segfaulting
                because they weren't called at the right time anymore.
                Thanks Andrew Main for reporting.
        + Tst : A few more regression tests about the scope leak bug.

0.20    2010-04-18 21:25 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #50570] : "indirect" leaking into LWP.
                Thanks Andrew Main for reporting.
                More generally, the require propagation workaround on 5.8-5.10.0
                has been overhauled, and other scope leaks should be fixed.
        + Fix : Test failures with 5.12 on Windows where Strawberry Perl crashes
                because the SystemRoot environment variable is missing.
        + Fix : Work around Kwalitee test misfailures.

0.19    2009-08-28 18:40 UTC
        + Add : The new constant I_FORKSAFE can be tested to know whether the
                module will behave nicely when fork()ing. It's currently always
                true except on Windows where you need perl 5.10.1 for it to be
        + Fix : I_THREADSAFE and I_FORKSAFE ought to be true when
                PERL_INDIRECT_PM_DISABLE is set.
        + Fix : The pragma could still leak if you passed to the "hook" option
                a reference to the same (named) subroutine from two different
                require scopes. The fix also provides a better solution for
                RT #47902.
        + Fix : Segfaults when indirect is loaded for the first time from
                inside a thread.
        + Fix : Leaks of memory associated with the root interpreter.
        + Opt : Less memory will be used for non-threaded perls version 5.10.0
                and below, and for threaded perls from version 5.10.1.

0.18    2009-08-23 16:15 UTC
        + Add : When set, the PERL_INDIRECT_PM_DISABLE environment variable
                disables the pragma globally.

0.17    2009-07-16 12:10 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #47902] : "no indirect" leaking again.
                This actually turned out to be a bug in how the hook coderefs
                were stored in the hints hash.
                Thanks Andrew Main for reporting once again.
        + Fix : t/80-regressions.t failing on Windows.
        + Tst : Yet more cleanups.

0.16    2009-07-14 16:50 UTC
        + Add : Indirect calls on blocks are now reported. For those, '{' is
                passed to the hook as the object description.
        + Add : The new indirect::msg() function publicizes the default
                warning/exception message.
        + Fix : [RT #47866] : Segfault with UTF-8 regexps.
                Thanks Andrew Main for reporting.
        + Tst : Cleanups.

0.15    2009-07-08 22:55 UTC
        + Fix : Invalid constructs with the same method and package name were
                not reported.
        + Fix : The error line number used to point to the end of the expression
                instead of its beginning.

0.14    2009-06-04 21:55 UTC
        + Fix : Prevent bogus invalid syntaxes caused by reallocated memory
                chunks. Thanks Andrew Main for reporting with a reproducible
                test case.

0.13    2009-05-24 18:50 UTC
        + Add : The hook now receives the file name and the line where the
                error happened in respectively $_[2] and $_[3].
        + Fix : Pass mortalized copies of the method name and object to the
                hook. This seems to fix some rare crashes.
        + Fix : Work around a bug in perl 5.10.0 and lower. Thanks Andrew Main
                for teaching me about this issue.
        + Fix : Report the correct file in error messages (a regression from the
                previous version).

0.12    2009-05-03 14:30 UTC
        + Add : You can specify the action to execute for each indirect
                construct encountered with the new "hook => $coderef" unimport()
        + Chg : A ptable is now used internally for the op => position mapping.
        + Fix : The pragma is now built with thread safety features enabled
                whenever possible (a notable exception is perl 5.8.x on Win32,
                as something seems wrong with its context handling).
                The new indirect::I_THREADSAFE() constant reflects this.
        + Fix : A negation precedence nit in indirect_ck_entersub().
        + Tst : "use/no indirect" while parsing an indirect construct.
        + Tst : Thread safety.

0.11    2009-02-08 18:35 UTC
        + Fix : Potential collisions by hashing pointers with a wrong format.
        + Upd : Resources in META.yml.

0.10    2009-01-17 12:40 UTC
        Re-release 0.09_01 as stable.

0.09_01 2008-12-08 17:55 UTC
        + Fix : Invalid memory read with "${\(new Foo)}" constructs. The
                corresponding test is turned back on.
        + Tst : Refinements in t/30-scope.t

0.09    2008-12-05 20:35 UTC
        + Add : Support for perl 5.8.
        + Tst : Skip a test in t/10-good.t that randomly segfaults for (I guess)
                systems stricter than linux in the way they manage their memory.

0.08    2008-10-22 14:45 UTC
        + Fix : A rare edge case for package whose names are prefix of 'main'.
        + Tst : Test $$ as variable and state variables.

0.07_03 2008-10-17 20:10 UTC
        + Add : Support and tests for variables with spaces after the sigil.
        + Upd : META.yml spec updated to 1.4.

0.07_02 2008-10-15 21:10 UTC
        + Add : Support and tests for package variables.
        + Tst : Coverage improved by removing dead code.

0.07_01 2008-10-15 16:00 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #40055] : Not handling RV2SV => GV(SV) correctly, which
                could cause 'no indirect; print' segfaults. Thanks Goro Fuji for

0.06    2008-10-11 16:45 UTC
        + Doc : Nits.
        + Tst : Test "no indirect 'anything'", "foo Class->bar", and indirect
                uses of exec() and system().

0.05    2008-10-02 14:40 UTC
        + Chg : Now the old check function is always called before storing an op
                into the map.
        + Fix : Misc code and docs refinements.

0.04    2008-08-30 19:00 UTC
        + Fix : Clean up the op->src hash when we're done with an entersub.
        + Tst : No longer fork for testing. IPC::Cmd isn't required anymore.

0.03    2008-08-12 15:25 UTC
        This release is kindly supported by Copenhagen Hotel Centrum WiFi.
        + Fix : Tests used not to pass PERL5OPTS to their kids. This lead to
                failures under CPAN. I think.
        + Tst : Refinements.

0.02    2008-08-11 15:55 UTC
        + Fix : Some building failures with old gcc versions that didn't seem to
                like the ((hint == 2) ? croak : warn)(msg) construct. I think.
        + Rem : Unused cruft from a previous implementation.
        + Tst : Fail more gracefully when we can't capture buffers or when the
                child returned an error.

0.01    2008-08-10 20:40 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.