grok - Perl 6 documentation reader


grok <options> <target>

   -F FILE, --file=FILE         A file to read Pod from
   -h, --help                   Print this help message
   -i, --index                  Print index of things grok knows about
   -l, --locate                 Locate the target file
   -o FORMAT, --output=FORMAT   The output format, ansi/text/xhtml/pod
   -T, --no-pager               Send output to STDOUT without any pager
   -U, --update                 Update all document resources from the web
   -u, --unformatted            Print unformatted Pod output
   -V, --version                Print version information

 If you don't supply the -F or -i options, you need to supply a target.
 The following targets are recognized:

   * A Synopsis name ('s02', 's02-bits', 's32-rules')
   * An Apocalypse name ('a01', 'a02', 'a03')
   * An Exegesis name ('e01', 'e02', 'e03')
   * An article name ('m01', 'm01-perl6-announcement', 'm02')
   * A function name from Synopsis 29
   * An entry in the Perl 6 Table Index ('%', '!=', 'split')
   * The Perl 6 Tablet Index itself ('tablet_index')
   * A path to a file containing Pod ('/some/file.pod')


This little application is intended to be a perldoc for Perl 6.

Prior art and inspiration

Perl 5's perldoc (
Python's pydoc (
Ruby's ri (


Limitations of Perl6::Perldoc

The following only affects Pod 6 documents.

  • Long lines are not wrapped to fit your terminal.

  • Extraneous whitespace in paragraphs is preserved, counter to the spec.

  • Formatting codes using french quotes (C«») aren't parsed correctly, so they are rendered verbatim.

  • Formatting codes within =table blocks are ignored.


Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson,


Copyright 2009 Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson

grok is distributed under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0. For more details, see the full text of the license in the file LICENSE that came with this distribution.