2008-09-06  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

        * flail0.pl: Pulled in lost wordification code from a source
        tree that was dead in SVN - switched to GIT at some point and
        did not merge changes.  This mod adds the ability to enter
        multiple commands on a single line/alias separated by
        semicolons.  Uses Text::Balanced and a couple helper subs.

2008-08-05  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

        * flail0.pl: A lot has happened, but still under the flail0
        regime.  Fixed some constants, added SMTP AUTH fu, added
        /noheader and /nosep options to cat, added flail_emit(), added
        flail_pipe(), added /debug and /verbose options to
        send_internal, fixed "help brief", made flail_defcmd1()
        overwrite existing commands so we can reconf with sane
        results, updated POD a bit, updated stuff in eg/

2006-11-11  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

        * flail (parse_range): Added support for -label syntax in
        parse_range, and added calls to parse_range in a couple places
        (flail_copy).  This means you can now do: ls -marked,
        mv -marked foldername, etc.
        (flail_help): Use args like regexps over the keys of %COMMANDs
        if they are not exact matches.  Add documentation for range
        expression extensions to the POD

        * dot.flailrc: Some more code for eg/ to e.g. invert selections, etc.

2006-10-05  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

        * Started using changelog again.
        * flail: hack addressbook_lookup to favor exact matches

2000-12-18  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Force Mail::POP3Client to do AUTH_MODE => "PASS"

2000-12-18  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Added missing waitpid() call to avoid creating umpteen
	zombies  Some other silly fixes.

2000-12-02  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Added support for non-selfsigned keys because a friend
	insists on using an old PGP 2.6 key that isn't self-signed.  I
	don't know why, but it actually lets me deal a little better with
	gpg anyway, when there are errors.  Made GPG interaction generally
	more fault-tolerant.

2000-11-06  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* install.pl: Wrote an installer.  Seems to work under BSD and
	Linux, have not tried it on other Unix systems.  Packaged up
	the modules we need in perl-modules and readline-4.1

	* flail: Lots of bug fixes.  This is 0.1.22

2000-08-04  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Bug fixes galore, extended gpg_op() to handle decryption
	as well as encryption and signing, added built-in decrypt command
	to invoke it properly.  This is 0.1.19 [0.1.18 was what I've been
	using since the middle of July].

2000-07-04  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (call_editor): Switched to Proc::SyncExec and fixed the
	problem with using gnuedit [TMPDIR was set incorrectly].  This is

2000-07-02  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (gpg_op): Made it so that our idea of which GPG home
	dir to use can be based on the entire email address, not just
	the user name; I need this because snl@stalphonsos.net has a
	different keypair from snl@halosoft.com.  Fixed send/draft so
	that a couple headers [Mail-From and Status] get deleted before
	you edit the message, because they make no sense in that context.
	This is 0.1.16.

2000-06-26  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (filter_addresses): Fixed stupid bug that was adding
	spurious, empty headers.

2000-06-25  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (gpg_op): Implemented gpg_op using
	PGP::GPG::MessageProcessor and SecretPipe's for storing your
	passphrase [which you can set in .flailrc which should be stored
	in an encrypted filesystem].  This means you don't have to type
	your passphrase all the time, and is also just cleaner [you can
	always use pgp2 the old way with : from the composer].  Also
	cleaned up address handling everywhere using headaddrs() so
	address lists with commas in them work the way you'd expect
	them to now.  First cut at a "drafts" folder functionality, which
	works, but sort of strangely at the moment.  This is 0.1.15.

2000-05-23  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (send_internal): Added support for Bcc and Fcc, and for
	multiple comma-separated addresses in a single To, Cc or Bcc
	header.  If you Fcc to the special Fcc folder ".", that's just
	like Fcc'ing to the default folder [which is usually a computed
	name based on the month and year].  So, you can say:
		To: a@b, c@d
		Bcc: e@f
		Fcc: sekret, .
	And the message will have three recipients, one of them blind,
	and be Fcc'ed to two folders.  This is 0.1.14.

2000-05-19  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Fixed slash-style command option processing when there
	are quoted strings as arguments to options, e.g. you can now do
	  flail> send/subject:"a string with spaces" foo@bar.com
	and the right thing happens.  Also added a -c option to suppress
	queries for Cc addresses, and a -p option to pipe from stdin for
	sending mail, so you can use flail as a replacement for /bin/mail
	by doing something like:
	  $ flail -1pq send/subject:'"whatever it is"' to@where.com < file
	note the stupid quoting to deal with the shell.  This is 0.1.13.
2000-04-19  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Lots of bug fixes and patches, thanks to some early
	beta-testers.  Packaging up with all of the modules you need.
	This is 0.1.12.  I've been using this for all my mail-reading
	for months now.

2000-03-16  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (prompt_str): added support for prompt hook and extended
	the default prompt with the from and subject fields of the msg

2000-03-02  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Added opthash parsing.  Now, any command can take
	old DEC-style options, i.e.
		flail> send/as:alt@altdomain.com/verbose
	will call flail_send with $OPT bound to a hash that maps
	as => alt@altdomain.com and verbose => 1.  Added support
	to flail_send to let you send as some identity of yours.

2000-03-01  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Greatly extended send_internal's command set.  Added
	built-in commands to attach a .sig, sign cryptographically and
	encrypt+sign [by default with gpg, but you can customize via
	.flailrc].  Added the ability to give multiple composer actions
	in one shot.  Added the ability to invoke an arbitrary piece of
	perl code on your message from the composer.  Added a real help
	message.  Also wrote the .sig code, cleaned up a couple of things.

2000-02-29  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (print_paged_line): Fixed the stupid bug in the pager.
	Man, was that dumb.

2000-02-27  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Fixed some scoping problems wrt $RCFile; I don't
	actually know the "right" way to do this now, so "use strict"
	will just have to wait, because my "solution" violates strict.
	Still have some issues with hooks that need to be fixed.
	This is 0.1.9.  We really are starting to get into release
	territory now.
2000-02-26  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Added hook functionality, specifically for filtering
	new messages.  By default, new messages get labeled as "new",
	and any hooks defined on that label get run immediately after
	slurping mail over from the server.  The "new" label gets cleared
	automatically afterwards, so it's only visible to the hooks.
	Implemented primitive but effective anti-spam measures in my
	.flailrc using hooks.  This is 0.1.8.

2000-02-24  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Added ranges to map and a few other commands.
	Cleaned up some more stupid stuff.  Fixed y2k foolishness
	in ls output.

2000-02-23  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: Busy day.  Interrupts now do the right thing
	most of the time, as does "die" from in the bowels of flail
	code and extension subs.  The addressbook now has a "take"
	function.  There should be fewer random exits without an
	error message.

	* SecretPipe.pm: Fixed the stupid bug that was keeping this
	from working more than once [hint: local *A, *B does not mean
	what I thought it did].

	* flail: Added address book functionality, including LDIF import.
	Fixed a few stupid bugs.  Made map and unmark more general.  Most
	interesting extensions now make use of the map command;
	specifically, the "cur" and "all" labels.

2000-02-21  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail (flail_map): Added "all" keyword to map command.  Made
	mapping anonymous bits of code over messages actually work.
	Fixed some bugs.  This is 0.1.5

1999-12-20  attila  <attila@stalphonsos.com>

	* flail: First change-log entry.  This is a fully functioning
	version.  It needs a lot of work, but I read all my mail
	with it now.