Revision history for Perl extension ex::lib::zip.

0.04  Wed Sep 24 18:53:11 BST 2003
      Reorder this file so that the most recent changes go at the top
      Mmm. So nobody told me that it didn't build under threads
      (and it seems that I never tested that)
      Fixed the perl context bugs. My own fault for PERL_NO_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT

0.03  Sat Dec 15 16:32:46 GMT 2001
      Oops. Short delay. I've been a fool. Why use PerlIO_apply_layera when
      all I need to do is push 1 layer PerlIO_push
      Sun Aug 26 14:52:54 BST 2001
      So PerlIO_apply_layera() changed in 5.7.2 to use PerlIO_list_t *
      rather than AV *, and everything was broken.  zip.xs now fixed.
      (but I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a public API. It's not in
       the perliol.h, hence warnings from gcc about integer to pointer
      Moved all the test modules into t, so that the CPAN scripts don't think
      I'm providing all the dummy modules in there (Thanks to Andreas K├Ânig for
      explaining this one)

0.02  Sat Apr 21 23:22:10 BST 2001
      Was leaking a scalar for each zip stored file encountered, as the
      result of newSVpvf never had its refcount decreased.
      Now re-written this section at the end of findfile() to build an AV
      and call the new PerlIO_apply_layera() function. The argument to the
      PerlIO::subfile layer is now a UV, which saves converting a number to and
      from a string.
      Added to the MANIFEST, which had been forgotten.
      Tweak the Makefile.PL so that and don't get
      spotted and hence installed. (They aren't meant to be installed)

0.01  Sat Feb 24 15:11:09 2001
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-A -n ex::lib::zip