Changes for version v0.11.2 - 2007-04-22

  • added load_url() to make webkit (mostly) work
  • improved sync password prompt dialog
  • note viewer bugfix: show server name on owner's public notes
  • book title in title bar
  • more useful metadata objects
  • annotation_server property in book metadata
  • changes to manifest files for plugins
  • build bugfix: drconfig.yml not writable


dotReader documentation
remote annotation server details
issues with whitespace
who has what attributes
talk directly to the server
simple dotReader annotation server
like perl -e 'print book()->id, "\n"'
emulate svn:externals, sans annoying bits
dotReader web bot
search a book
a tool
interactively change annotation properties
display a book's links
list detected plugins
OSX: because linux was too efficient
create a library
create a ridiculous quanity of annotations
show a summary of the book
dump the get_content results for a node
specialized storage
sync annotations from the console
create or update zipped toc


a button/plugin demo
a non-blocking LWP iterator
a previous/current/next list of objects
work a group of minions until they are dead
a regular expression iterator
create and manage linked menus and toolbars
An object to introspect a Wx::Menu
shorter constants
a more reasonably perlish wxTreeCtrl
toplevel data/environment for dotReader
nothing to see here, move along
generate an accessor subclass
base class for Note, Bookmark, and Highlight objects
Base class for annotation I/O
read/write annotations from/to yml files
hash reference scrubber
range-derived annotations
standard server sync
mixin methods for boundless annotations
base and factory class for books
unpacked ThoutBook reader
zipped Thout 1.0 book plugin
a bag of books
XML parse/populate
bookmarked locations
the callbacks object for books
configuration storage
GUI-agnostic data
Wx::App class
a container of sorts
treectrl subclass
view of an open book
treectrl subclass
the license dialog box
layout for sync settings
base class for the main frame
layout for toplevel frame
treectrl subclass
the sidebar libraries tree
base class for the NoteEditor
was once autogenerated code
treectrl subclass
a special Wx::Panel
plugins for the wx gui
the search pane
display search results as a tree
everything in the sidebar
an object to hold state
popup text viewer with clipboard
was once autogenerated code
base class for sidebar annotation trees
base class for sidebar trees
wx shortcut functions
a windows-only widget shim
the webkit html widget
a cross-platform widget without css
a linux-only widget shim
Generic HTML widget interface
selectively shared code
self-documenting adaptive finger-wagging global vars
highlighted ranges
library class frontend/base
a library in yaml
location objects
global logging
Log::Log4perl::Appender::File subclass
metadata for books
notes attached to locations
an n-ary tree of notes
DATA_DIR and FIND_FILE class methods
plugin system frontend
base class for plugin backends
Handle book plugins
handle library plugins
a pair of dtRdr::Location objects
Search a book
a public selection object
substr that skips spaces
a linked Table of Contents tree
shared OO stuff
user class
Custom LWP::Iterator::UserAgent


in lib/dtRdr/HTMLShim/
in lib/dtRdr/Annotation/
in lib/dtRdr/Annotation/
in lib/dtRdr/
in lib/dtRdr/Book/ThoutBook_1_0/
in lib/dtRdr/
in lib/dtRdr/
in lib/dtRdr/
in lib/dtRdr/
in lib/dtRdr/
in lib/dtRdr/Metadata/
in lib/dtRdr/Search/