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Zapp is a graphical workflow builder. Zapp provides a UI for building parameterized workflows (plans), and provides a UI for end-users to run those jobs and see the results.

Project Goals

Consumer Friendliness

The user that is running plans and examining results should have an intuitive, safe experience. An untrained user should be able to run plans to perform the tasks they need.

Planning Flexibility

Analysts or domain experts should be able to start building plans with minimal training. Formulas resemble Microsoft Excel, a well-known, commonly-used development environment.

Developer Power

Developers should have the power to create new tasks that can be added to plans, as well as custom types to handle user input, and triggers (future development) which can automatically run jobs. Specialized job types can ask for input from a user.

Automation Magic

Analysts should be able to configure automations (using triggers) which respond to events from other applications (like Slack, JIRA, or BitBucket). This can be used for release approval workflows or continuous integration (CI) jobs (future development).

Task Transparency

Scheduled jobs and maintenance tasks keep the business running. Zapp can provide users with a view of which tasks run, when they run, and what they did. Jobs can be stopped and started if necessary. When a job fails, the user can choose to restart it from a particular point.

Runbooks are documentation for common operations tasks. Zapp's goal is to turn that documentation into automation. Even extraordinary operations tasks should be safe operations tasks: Reviews and approval processes take time, and time is critical when the application is down.


Web Application

To run the Zapp web application, use the zapp daemon command:

    $ zapp daemon
    Web application available at

Job Runner

To run the job runner, use the zapp minion worker command:

    $ zapp minion worker




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