Revision history for XML::XPathEngine

version 0.14
fixed   POD error

version 0.13
added:  error, with (hopefully!) proper error message when trying to
        follow XML axes from a litteral, see

version 0.12
added:  findvalues method which returns the results as a list of strings

version 0.11
fix:    axis_descendant returns descendants in incorrect order.
        found and patched by Kumagai Kentaro

fix:    calling id() function in some situations causes an error
        found and patched by Kumagai Kentaro

version 0.10
fix:    overloading did not quite work (literals returned by findvalue
        woult cause an exception when used as numbers).
        the fix is to return a real string in findvalue, instead of
        an XML::XPath::Engine::Literal object that then needs to be overloaded
        while this theoretically could break code that would rely on 
        the return being an object, I doubt this is the case in Real Code.
        let me know if this causes any problem
        Bug found by Niko Tyni and reported on Debian 
        reported on RT:
        bug tested in the XML::DOM::XPath 0.14 test suite

fix:    predicates using the position and/or other conditions would fail,
        as the position would not be saved in
        Reported by Stephane Bortzmeyer, patched by Niko Tyni
        bug tested in the XML::DOM::XPath 0.14 test suite

version: 0.09
fix:    namespace processing was a bit dodgy, it's been cleaned up now.
        Tested through XML::Twig::XPath and XML::DOM::XPath
fix:    count did not work (RT #34854), found and patched by 
        Yasuhiro Matsumoto
added:  XML::XPathEngine set_strict_namespaces method, which makes 
        namespace processing more standard compliant, and probably often
        more of a pain.
        Tested through XML::Twig::XPath
        Thanks to Timothy Appnel for his input in that matter
added:  XML::XPathEngine findnodes_as_strings method, which returns an
        array of strings (the getValue of the nodes). 
fixed:  findnodes_as_string now returns the empty string if the result
        of the XPath query is a boolean (XML::XPathEngine::Boolean), as
        when querying //@id="foo" for example. This makes the behaviour
        similar to XML::LibXML's.

fix:    Fixed bug in XML::XPathEngine::Step::axis_preceding
        (same bug as with axis_following)

version: 0.07    
fix:    Fixed bug in the previous bug fix

version: 0.06
fix:    Fixed bug in XML::XPathEngine::Step::axis_following
        that messed up queries using the 'following' axis
       (tested by HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath 0.07)

version: 0.05
fix:    Fixed bug in XML::XPathEngine::Function::as_xml
        as per RT #21951 (spotted by BJOERN)

version: 0.04
fix:    Fixed bug in

version: 0.03
fix:    Bug fixes for queries involving elt="text" (tested through 
        the lang() function

version: 0.02
released: First version on CPAN

version: 0.01 
created:  First version, released on an unsuspecting world.