Revision history for XML::Validator::Schema

1.10 2008-01-31
   - Added a check in Makefile.PL for a broken XML::SAX install.
     Hopefully this will convince the legions of CPAN testers with
     broken XML::SAX installs to leave me alone.

1.09 2008-01-29
   - Fixed a bug which broke date type checking in Perl v5.10.

   - Added support for unions. (John Hollingum)

   - Fixed decimal type to allow values like ".45". (Michael Fox)

   - Added support for line and column numbers in errors in the schema
     file using XML::Filter::ExceptionLocator and XML::SAX::ExpatXS.

   - Fixed bug where attributes couldn't have anonymous simple-type
     definitions.  (reported by Jeremy Osborn)

1.08 2004-11-04
   - Added optional support for line and column numbers using
     XML::Filter::ExceptionLocator and XML::SAX::ExpatXS.

   - Added support for totalDigits and fractionDigits facets of
     decimal types, excluding double and float. (Toby Long-Leather)

   - Improved content-model validation failure message to include the
     name of the enclosing element. (Suggested by Jean Flouret)

1.07 2004-09-22
   - New 'debug' option aids in tracking down the source of validation
     failures. (Mathieu)

   - Fixed bug which prevented minExclusive from working. 

   - Fixed bug which prevented attribute types from working in some

   - Fixed bug which prevented complex types from adding new
     attributes to existing complex types. (

1.06 2004-04-21
   - Fixed bug in <all> support with minOccurs="0" contents. 

   - Fixed bug where minOccurs of 2 or greater wouldn't work

   - Added support for positiveInteger, negativeInteger,
     nonPositiveInteger and nonNegativeInteger.  (

   - Fixed bug where references to elements inside complex types
     wouldn't get resolved.

1.05 2003-11-13 
   - Added support for more simple types (Russell B Cecala) :

1.04  2003-10-06
   - Added support for minOccurs and maxOccurs with <sequence>,
     <choice> and <all>.

   - Fixed bug in cache implementation that allowed some state from a
     failed validation run to leak into subsequent runs.

   - Added support for use as a SAX filter anywhere in a SAX pipeline.

1.03  2003-10-03
   - Added cache mode to reuse schema objects between calls.

   - Added support for more builtin simpleTypes: normalizedString,
     token, short, byte, unsignedInt, unsignedShort, unsignedByte

   - Added support for element and attribute refs.

   - Added support for simpleContent.

   - Fixed bug preventing <simpleType> within <sequence> or <choice>
     from working.

   - Fixed NMTOKEN implementation to derive from token instead of string.

   - Fixed bug where test suite would fail if XML::SAX::RTF was

1.02  2003-10-01
   - Added support for composition of <sequence> and <choice> groups.

   - Added support for <simpleType>, both named and anonymous, with
     mostly complete <restriction> support.

   - Added automated test to run test suite against Xerces/C++ if
     available.  This should keep our tests in line with expected

1.01  2003-09-26
   - Fixed compatibility with XML::LibXML.

   - Modified test suite to run tests against all available SAX parsers.

   - Added support for simple <choice> and <all> content modules (no
     combinations yet).

1.00  2003-09-25
   - First Release.