Changelog for XML-Toolkit

0.15 2012-04-04T07:42:50
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - lots of cleanups before release, including checking we don't break CPAN

 - fix the metaclass incompat bugs reported in #perl-help

 - kill extraneous use of aliased

 - kill stale test

 - have git ignore local::lib directory

 - move to Dist::Zilla

 - update pod

 - rename script/ to bin/

 - mv bin -> script

0.14 2011-06-08T18:24:44
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - version bump

0.13 2010-12-29T20:30:48
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - * Fix missing dep on MooseX::App::Cmd spotted by mateu
   * Fix bad synopsis code spotted by mateu

0.12 2010-12-29T02:00:19
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - bump version and Changes

 - clean up the commands to extend XML::Toolkit::App

0.11 2010-12-29T00:52:01
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - update changes bump version number

 - add back the XML::Toolkit::App as a stub/wrapper around the config

 - changes docs and version number for 0.10 release

 - bump docs and version number for 0.09 release

 - clean up t/ layout

 - reset state between Loader parse calls so we can re-use the loader

 - try fixing namespaces a bit

 - add CDATA support

 - add (failing) test for CDATA

 - Several small changes
   * Add (back?)
   * add lib/XML/Toolkit/Config/ (back?)
   * modify XML::Filter::Moose and it's descendants to use MooseX::NonMoose
     clean up the inline_constructor => 0 stuff

 - tidy some

 - fix the spacing in

 - add

 - fix a bug in the generate command

 - update PerlMongers XML example

 - clean out the legacy namespace attribute

 - kill Loader::FilterNS by merging it into the main Filter

 - add dep on Test::Exception we added to the tests

 - port commandline scripts across to the new Bread::Board

 - remove MooseX::Autobox dep

 - convert Generator over

 - merge Loader across

 - move Builder over to using Bread::Board

 - add missing dep to Makefile.PL

 - update for 0.08 release

 - merge immutable branch

 - clean up XSPF example

 - update example

 - add TODO test for RDF

 [Jesse Luehrs <>]
 - s/ToolKit/Toolkit/g

 [Justin Hunter <>]
 - silence warning

0.07 2010-01-30T01:27:35
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - forgot some diagnostics in a test

 - clean up POD, examples, and tests

 - update RNG example

 - add updated XML::AIML

 - kill old xmltk_make_classes

 - clean up the basic test

 - fix up tests before release

 - remove the YP oriented tests cause *stevan* thought they were a bad
   idea. (He is right)

 - clean up the XML namespaces for yp-api.t

 - build a new example based on XSPF
   going through and building a new example using the XSPF file for a
   client, I had to perform some cleanup of how generate and the
   templates work.
   The templates have been unified into XML::Toolkit;:Cmd::ClassTemplate
   with the generate command wrapping it with the logic to break stuff out.
   This cleans up some nastiness and makes the templates more uniform.
   we're also adding a test for XSPF round tripping.

 - fix to run with the current Moose and MooseX::MetaDescription
   Moose 0.94 introduced some changes to the way Attributes are handled in
   Roles. As a side effect the Attribute inheritance no longer works in
   Role -> Role composition. We copy the Attribute now until this is fixed
   in Moose.
   Also patch a few tests to deal with the changes that have happened in
   the codebase that we didn't detect before.

 - * add test for yp-api
   We needed to have RDF support for the YP Feed API. This adds a test that
   slurps the current version of the API XML so we can round-trip it.
   * get the XML tests passing
   The `namespace_map` for the Generator has to be different from the ones
   for the Loader and Builder. We fix the test for this, fix the code to
   reflect the changes, and everything magically works.
   * clean up the logic from the unresolve_namespaces flow
   change the logic (and wording) to "unless no_unresolved_namespaces"
   rather than "if unresovled_namespaces" since we're checking if the list

 - remove the need for MooseX::AttributeHelpers
   MX::AH was folded into core. This removes all of the places we use
   MX::AH I think in both the processing code, and the generated code.

 - clean up generated code and tests
   The Generated code was using MooseX::AttributeHelpers which has been
   folded into core. We fix that to use Native::Attribute's now. We also
   move to use nammespace::clean.
   We also start moving the tests to use `done_testing` instead of no_plan.
   Finally we fix the Filter to properly add the XML trait to text nodes as
   well as non-text ones, this squishes some warnings.

 - fix add_text_attribute to include 'XML::Toolkit::MetaDescription::Trait'
   We need to be sure that the generated classes have the right
   meta-description trait. We were getting a warning for the text
   attributes when generating them, this should fix that.

 - start migrating from MXAH to Moose::Attribute::Native

 - fix the moose drift

 - tests_recursive

 - fix the text output

 - get loading working better

 - add a default for the Loader Parser namespace_map

 - tidy the AIML example

 - refacor the AIML set

 - re-work the RelaxNG classes to use a namespace

 - update the tests

 - move to MooseX::App:Cmd for our commands

 - refactor so that we can override better the Parser

 - update Makefile.PL

 - start using XML::Toolkit to define our requires

 - sort deps

 [Chris Prather <>]
 - add big honking xml file for benchmarking

 - test cleanup

 - unify the names

 - pull out the evals as they are unneccessary

 - combine two tests into one

 - rename file so it is first in the directory

 - move stuff into a sub directory

 - add validate command that round-trips XML

 - update Changes

 - rename Class and ClassNS

 - re-organize files heavily per discussion with robinsmidsrod

 - return before doing all the work to add an attribute if we already have
   one ... rather than after

 - only create a class_type if we create a class

 - refactor out the use of augment/inner

 - caching and is_root refactor

 - lots of small changes

 - move the namespace map code into the role too

 - refactor the namespace map stuff out into a namespace Registry

 - use MooseX::AttributeHelpers for unresolved namespaces

 - bump the version requirement because of duck_type

 - add duck_type to the builder to enforce our API delegates

 - add a namespace map to t/02

 - fix the namespace bug in builder

 - sync the tests

 - 15:42 <@robinsmidsrod> the builder is namespace-aware too

 - version number bump

 - make ClassNS the default

 - change the contents too

 - rename Parser -> Filter

 - make ParserNS the default and lets see what breaks

 - add MX::App::Cmd dep

 - more updates from robinsmidsrod

 - add in changes from robinsmidsrod

 - Revert "cache element => classname relationship"
   This reverts commit 076b2d21f834f69559d54c0d2379ad65ffe38b86.

 - cache element => classname relationship

 [Robin Smidsrød <>]
 - Tests for namespaced loading

 - Loader/ now handles namespaces correctly

 - Fixed typo that prevented compilation

 - Added typical .gitignore file

 - Changed make_classes to use MooseX::Getopt::Dashes

 - Inital version of namespace-aware parser for Loader.

 - Added namespace_map and filter_class handling to Loader.

 - Spelling error in exception message.

0.06 2009-06-04T13:25:23
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - Changes, Makefile, and Version number bump for 0.06 release

 - rename the make_classes script

 - remove duplicate __END__ generated by podgen

 - stubb in documentation

 - clean up Topic

 - expand the XML::Aiml coverage a bit more

 - remove double __END__ tags created by podgen

 - stub out documentation for RNG

 - create XML trait

 - Merge branch 'master' of

 - commit podgen output

 - stubb docs for XML::Filter::Moose::Class

 - base documentation for XML::Filter::Moose

 - add PerlMongers XML as an example

 - add more tests

 - get tests passing on modern Moose

 - update the default template

 - update the RNG demo

 - add generated XML::Aiml example

 - move example

 - add RNG example, add OUTPUT_PATH to ClassTemplate, get make_classes to
   dump a tree

 - remove README, it aint doing anything

 [Chris Prather <>]
 - get parsing namespaced elements working

 - remove No Bugs Have Been Reported, cause thanks to confound it aint true

0.05 2009-01-29T05:58:44
 [Chris Prather <>]
 - fix changes

 - add an __END__ token

 - add an __END__ token

 - document the generators

 - Add docs for XML::Toolkit::Generator

 - document changes

 - small doc changes

 - add documentation for XML::Toolkit::Loader

 - remove hardcoded Parser choice

 - add AIML examples

 - clean up for release

 - XML::SAX::Filter had a typo in its API

 - bump version and Changes

 - restore sort_order

 - patch to support upcoming XML::SAX::Writer quoting facility

 - update Changes

 - fix an error confound noticed

 - bump version number, update Changes

 - add dep on MX::MetaDesc and add version numbers

 - add docs

 - clean up metadata for release

 - fix the CDATA output issues in Generator::Default

 - move load_classes from bin to ex

 - add text nodes

 - get the MetaDesc stuff working

 - refactor classes around

 - get make_classes to take an external template

 - get output working ... requires Moose 0.60

 - get classes generating

 - start sketching out a Builder class

 - refactor loader classes into their own namespace

 - changes to tests

 - stub in tests

 - add back some bits

 - remove extraneous bits

 - remove extraneous bits

 - add in extra classes

 - add Loader

 - remove author tests

 - add files we had previously started extracting from G2

 - standard layout