Revision history for XML::SAX::Writer

0.54 - 2013-12-13
     - remove /o modifier on Regexps (RT#91382)
     - Update to Dist::Zilla for releasing
        - Clean up POD issues
        - Simplify Makefile.PL
        - Add cpanfile 

0.53 - 2010-07-12
     - Switch from Text::IconV to Encode (David Pinkowitz)
     - Update package Module::Install metadata discovery

0.52 - 2008-11-19
     - Fix spelling of QuoteCharacter

0.51 - 2008-11-19
     - Added QuoteCharecter parameter to new() to control quoting of
       attributes (perigrin)
        - Added Tests and Docs
0.50 - Sep 14, 2006
     - fixed redundant skipped entity at start_dtd 
       ( #18546)
     - attribute_decl expects Mode instead of ValueDefault property
       to fit to Perl SAX 2.1 (ValueDefault still supported)
     - fixed make test failure with Text::Iconv 1.3 or higher
       ( #7436 and #9690)
     - fixed make test failure on VMS
       ( #18663)
     - fixed dropped output on encoding conversion errors
       ( #17177)

0.43 - 0.44 fri 20020906 18:27
    - made the basic tests work again despite the fact we now return
      a BufferText object
    - fixed a bug reported by Grant that prevented proper use of 
      output FH under some conditions.

0.42 - thu 20020801 17:17
    - fixed a serious bug in StringConsumer, thanks to help from Barrie
      Slaymaker, Adam Turoff, and Eric Cholet.

0.40 - 0.41 sat 20020706 18:01
    - implemented the subclassable SAX writing framework
    - documented the converter API
    - made comments be escaped differently
    - fixed doctype writing (Michel Rodriguez)
    - fixed a warning (Joshua Keroes)
    - requires correct version of Test::More (Richard Dice)
    - fixed CDATA escaping
    - we return a BufferText object now, to make sure that multiple
      charater escapes work
    - lots of stuff thanks to Barrie Slaymaker:
        - Rewrite of all consumers to be smaller and faster.
        - XML::SAX::Writer::ConsumerInterface::new is now a real
          constructor which all derived classes should call.
        - finalize is now not called unless it exists.
        - A file name of "0" will not cause an exception.
        - One error message now reports the package name properly if
          it was subclassed.
        - is no longer used.
        - the test suite runs events through Writer and in to
          CodeConsumer and a custom consumer.
        - Custom consumers are better documented (barries).

0.39 wed 20020116 22:15:41
    - fixed an FH problem (Dave Rolsky)
    - the null converter was so null that it converted strings to nothing
    (Graham Barr)

0.38 wed 20020116 21:41:41
    - several major bugfixes that prevented some consumers (mostly Handle and
    File) from working at all.
    - the beginning of a test suite. It doesn't test the correctness of the
    XML that is created yet, but it does at least go through all the basic
    functions that are needed for that to work.

0.37 wed 20020116 16:11:15
    - on Solaris it would seem that iconv has problems converting an encoding
    to itself (at least, utf-8 to utf-8). Given that this is a useless
    operation, it is now detected and replaced with a noop (thanks to
    David N. Blank-Edelman for reporting this).

0.02 - 0.36
    - many bugfixes thanks to many helpful people, notably Barrie Slaymaker,
    Dave Rolsky, Sean M. Burke, and others.

0.01  mon 20011126 02:31:58
	- original version