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=head1 NAME

XML::Compile::SOAP12::Server - SOAP1.2 server needs


   is a XML::Compile::SOAP12
   is a XML::Compile::SOAP

   is a XML::Compile::SOAP::Server



This module does not implement an actual soap server, but the
needs to create the server side.  The server daemon is implemented
by L<XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon|XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon>

Extends L<"DESCRIPTION" in XML::Compile::SOAP::Server|XML::Compile::SOAP::Server/"DESCRIPTION">.
Extends L<"DESCRIPTION" in XML::Compile::SOAP12|XML::Compile::SOAP12/"DESCRIPTION">.
=head1 METHODS

Extends L<"METHODS" in XML::Compile::SOAP::Server|XML::Compile::SOAP::Server/"METHODS">.
Extends L<"METHODS" in XML::Compile::SOAP12|XML::Compile::SOAP12/"METHODS">.
=head1 DETAILS

Extends L<"DETAILS" in XML::Compile::SOAP12|XML::Compile::SOAP12/"DETAILS">.
=head1 SEE ALSO

This module is part of XML-Compile-SOAP12 distribution version 3.06,
built on May 11, 2018. Website: F<http://perl.overmeer.net/xml-compile/>

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Copyrights 2009-2018 by [Mark Overmeer <markov@cpan.org>]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.
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