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=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

XML::Compile::SOAP12 - SOAP 1.2 protocol


   is a XML::Compile::SOAP

 XML::Compile::SOAP12 is extended by


 # use either XML::Compile::SOAP12::Client or ::Server
 # See XML::Compile::SOAP for global usage examples.


This module handles the SOAP protocol version 1.2.
See F<>).  Development of this module was
sponsored by "Momac", L<>.

The client specifics are implemented in L<XML::Compile::SOAP12::Client|XML::Compile::SOAP12::Client>,
and the server needs can be found in L<XML::Compile::SOAP12::Server|XML::Compile::SOAP12::Server>.

Extends L<"DESCRIPTION" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"DESCRIPTION">.
=head1 METHODS

Extends L<"METHODS" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"METHODS">.
=head2 Constructors

Extends L<"Constructors" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"Constructors">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<new>(%options)

 -Option      --Defined in        --Default
  header_fault                      error
  media_type    XML::Compile::SOAP  application/soap+xml
  schemas       XML::Compile::SOAP  created internally

=over 2

=item header_fault => <anything>

SOAP1.1 defines a header fault type, which not present in SOAP 1.2,
where it is replaced by a C<notUnderstood> structure.

=item media_type => MIMETYPE

=item schemas => C<XML::Compile::Cache> object


=item XML::Compile::SOAP12-E<gt>B<register>($uri, $envns)

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Constructors">


=head2 Accessors

Extends L<"Accessors" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"Accessors">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<mediaType>()

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Accessors">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<schemas>()

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Accessors">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<version>()

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Accessors">


=head2 Single message

Extends L<"Single message" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"Single message">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<compileMessage>( <'SENDER'|'RECEIVER'>, %options )

 -Option        --Defined in        --Default
  body            XML::Compile::SOAP  []
  destination     XML::Compile::SOAP  []
  faults          XML::Compile::SOAP  []
  header          XML::Compile::SOAP  undef
  mustUnderstand  XML::Compile::SOAP  []
  procedure       XML::Compile::SOAP  undef
  role            XML::Compile::SOAP  ULTIMATE
  roles           XML::Compile::SOAP  []

=over 2

=item body => ENTRIES|HASH

=item destination => ARRAY-OF-PAIRS

=item faults => ENTRIES|HASH

=item header => ENTRIES|HASH

=item mustUnderstand => STRING|ARRAY-OF-STRING

=item procedure => TYPE

=item role => URI|ARRAY-OF-URI

=item roles => ARRAY-OF-URI


=item $obj-E<gt>B<messageStructure>($xml)

=item XML::Compile::SOAP12-E<gt>B<messageStructure>($xml)

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Single message">


=head2 Helpers

Extends L<"Helpers" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"Helpers">.
=head2 Transcoding

Extends L<"Transcoding" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"Transcoding">.
=over 4

=item $obj-E<gt>B<replyMustUnderstandFault>($type)

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Transcoding">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<roleAbbreviation>($uri)

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Transcoding">

=item $obj-E<gt>B<roleURI>($uri|STRING)

Inherited, see L<XML::Compile::SOAP/"Transcoding">


=head1 DETAILS

Extends L<"DETAILS" in XML::Compile::SOAP|XML::Compile::SOAP/"DETAILS">.
=head1 SEE ALSO

This module is part of XML-Compile-SOAP12 distribution version 3.06,
built on May 11, 2018. Website: F<>

=head1 LICENSE

Copyrights 2009-2018 by [Mark Overmeer <>]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the same terms as Perl itself.
See F<>