=== version history of distribution XML-Compile-SOAP

version 3.28: Mon  1 Aug 10:49:17 CEST 2022

	- require LWP::Potocol::https, because it is quite difficult to find-out
	  that it missing is the cause of a failing installation.  People should
	  use https in any case.  Suggested by [Balbino Matanzo]
	- new() now supports ssl_opts [Peter Arnhold]

version 3.27: Wed  7 Apr 09:52:29 CEST 2021

	- $@ is volatile, unknown change broke input validation error.
	  https://github.com/markov2/perl5-XML-Compile-SOAP/issues/5 [MadLord80]

version 3.26: Wed 20 Nov 08:43:52 CET 2019

	- procedure detection cannot handle empty response messages
	  anymore.  Got broken in 3.23.
	  github XML-Compile-SOAP-Daemon#2 [Daniel Juarez]
	- soap implementations do not have a mimeType method anymore
	  github XML-Compile-SOAP-Daemon#2 [Daniel Juarez]

	- warning on producing templates for operations without message
	  [Patrick Powell]

version 3.25: Wed 25 Sep 13:16:53 CEST 2019

	- handle wsdl:arrayType
	- #1 File::Slurp::Tiny is discouraged in favor of File::Slurper
	  [James Raspass]
	- remove dependency to Test::Deep again. rt.cpan.org#130096 [Kent Fredric]

version 3.24: Tue  6 Mar 08:12:19 CET 2018

	- Experimental keys on scalar
	  rt.cpan.org#124688 [Slaven Rezic]

	- add missing example wsdl

version 3.23: Sun Mar  4 23:45:09 CET 2018

	- add 'Host' to the header.

	- rpc style header with type part [Lars Thegler]
	- typo in doc rt.cpan.org#124462 [Andy Scheller]
	- ::Server::compileFilter() could not handle RPCs with empty bodies,
	  but was broken much more serious anyway [Abeltje]
	- convert to GIT, publish via GitHub

version 3.22: Fri 30 Jun 10:03:10 CEST 2017

	- ::XOP::Include read from file always died
	  rt.cpan.org#119955 [Pavel Trushkin]
	- ::XOP::Include read should enforce raw mode
	  rt.cpan.org#119955 [Pavel Trushkin]

version 3.21: Wed 11 Jan 10:02:19 CET 2017

	- XOP hooks were instated, even though XML::Compile::XOP was not.
	  Schema/WSDL compilation will be a little faster now.
	  [Slaven Rezić]
	- constant name: XS_DAEMON_NS -> XC_DAEMON_NS
	  rt.cpan.org#119800 [Pavel Trushkin]

	- spell fix Debian rt.cpan.org#118577 [Gregor Herrmann, Debian]

version 3.20: Wed 19 Oct 15:43:19 CEST 2016

	- XOP writing, where object type not equal but extending base64Binary
	  [Kit Peters]

version 3.19: Mon Sep 19 23:02:10 CEST 2016

	- typo rt.cpan.org#113270 [Debian]
	- include examples in the manual page.

	- XOP charset [Kit Peters]

version 3.18: Tue 22 Mar 09:04:22 CET 2016

	- 3.17 had an unclean release [Nick Morrott]

version 3.17: Mon 21 Mar 15:00:39 CET 2016

	- moved BEA and Sharepoint schemas to a new XML::Compile::Licensed
	  distribution, to avoid license related complications on Debian.
	  Discovered by [Nick Morrott]
	- remove examples/temperature/convert.xsd from the distribution:
	  license not clear.

version 3.16: Tue 15 Mar 08:31:43 CET 2016

	- document style can have fault parts with "type" [Heiko Jansen]
	- apache's Coyote requires encodingStyle in rpc messange [Heiko Jansen]
	- typos rt.cpan.org#112910 [Nick Morrott]

	- refer to the new ::SOAPHTTP_MojoUA module.

version 3.15: Wed  6 Jan 17:13:07 CET 2016

	- regression test charset
	  rt.cpan.org#110950 [Mark Gardner]
	- version in README
	  rt.cpan.org#110951 [Mark Gardner]

version 3.14: Wed  6 Jan 14:56:04 CET 2016

	- remove enforcement of ::Daemon upgrade, added in the
	  previous release: cyclic redundancy.
	  rt.cpan.org#110233 [Alan Mizrahi]
	- Apache XCF does not understand quotes around charset in XOP
	  rt.cpan.org #107586 [Derek Hausauer]

	- compile{Client|Calls|All} option transporter can now also
	  be a XML::SOAP::Transport-object (so, you do not need to
	  call compileClient() on it explicitly.

version 3.13: Fri  6 Nov 09:39:09 CET 2015

	- mime-type of XOP part got broken.
	  rt.cpan.org #107586 [Derek Hausauer]

	- detect need for upgrade of XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon
	- fix some encoding related regression tests

version 3.12: Tue 22 Sep 12:09:36 CEST 2015

	- oops, remove debug statements

version 3.11: Tue 22 Sep 12:03:34 CEST 2015

	- rpc: performance issue reading xsi:type's

version 3.10: Tue 11 Aug 11:37:49 CEST 2015

	- when the response is a Fault, we do not return Bad Request,
	  but OK.  WCF (Microsoft .NET) apparently interprets headers
	  of SOAP1.1 messages as SOAP1.2 (only with some settings?)

	- XOP: escape double-quote in start-info [Grégory Bougourd]

version 3.09: Tue Jul 21 14:11:55 CEST 2015

	- SOAP11::Encoding should use compileType()
	  rt.cpan.org#105170 [Nick Wellnhofer]

	- FAQ on use of SSL.

version 3.08: Fri Feb 27 13:16:45 CET 2015

	- pass soap object to ::Transporter::compileClient [Sean Baker]

version 3.07: Thu Jan 15 14:36:54 CET 2015

	- FAQ: how to set the HTTP timeout.
	- silence rpc-encoded without namespace.
	  rt.cpan.org#101383 [Breno G. de Oliveira]

	- lower http "received status" messages from 'info' to 'trace'
	- ::SOAPHTTP new method defaultUserAgent()
	- force people to upgrade LWP

version 3.06: Mon Dec 22 08:43:11 CET 2014

	- accept multiple rpc name-spaces.

	- typo in generated daemon example [Cs Metsys]
	- new method ::SOAP::Operation::longName()
	- remove soap-env-patch: not needed anymore
	- remove overrule of *form_default on standard schemas: not needed
	- rpc-encoding partially supported

version 3.05: Wed May 28 09:29:16 CEST 2014

	- support rpc-literal fault parts based on type, not only element.
	  reported by [Rob De Langhe]
	- handle returned XOP objects.  Patch by [Christopher Taranto]

	- use File::Slurp::Tiny to replace File::Slurp
	  rt.cpan.org#92920 [Karen Etheridge]
	- do not include ::Daemon in META.yml
	  rt.cpan.org#95507 [Nikolay Martynov]

version 3.04: Thu Feb  6 17:05:32 CET 2014

	- change documentation style.
	- move ::SOAP11::Operation::parsedWSDL() to base-class

version 3.03: Fri Jan 10 15:42:22 CET 2014

	- remove dependency to WSDL again, because CPAN.pm cannot
	  handle cyclic dependencies.
	- revert unintended change in 2.36 which croaks when the
	  Fault/details contains elements which are not understood.
	  Detected by [Steffen Winkler]

	- add server schemas, currently for BEA, SharePoint, and
	  XML::Compile::Daemon servers.

version 3.02: Wed Jan  8 01:04:45 CET 2014

	- auto check whether WSDL11 must be upgraded. [Caleb Cushing]

version 3.01: Mon Jan  6 23:19:14 CET 2014

	- upgrade daemon if installed.
	- drop support for very old Perl's

version 3.00: Mon Jan  6 00:55:08 CET 2014
	- split-off WSDL11 into own distribution.
	- default mime-type for SOAP 1.1 is text/xml
	- removed SOAP10

	- headers and body elements which appear more than once will
	  be put in an ARRAY.

	- check that all XML::Compile::SOAP* modules are loaded
	  [Chase Whitener]
	- and one more check [Reiber Christian]
	- example how to add BasicAuthentication headers
	- added examples/temperature, based on answer to request of [fort_d]
	- moved WSDL11 initialization from ::Operation to ::SOAP11
	- moved module registration from ::Operation to ::SOAP
	- ::Extensions can now register soap12 routines.
	- add examples/salesforce/, contribute by [Ciaran Deignan]
	- ::Operation:addHeader() now also accepts ELEMENTs in prefixed form

version 2.39: Not released

version 2.38: Thu Aug 22 16:20:29 CEST 2013

	- soaphttp: do not reuse HTTP::Request object; we need fresh
	  headers. rt.cpan.org#88019 [Bret Lambert]

	- use ::Cache::addPrefixes()
	- one set of operations should not include ops with the same name:
	  tell user to be more specific when sets overlap.
	- clean error when ::WSDL11::compileCalls() would select overlapping
	  operation names
	- remove trick to first generate body and the headers.
	- example of changing ::WSDL::endPoint, with help of [Bret]
	- ::WSDL::compileCall() now also works with an operation by name,
	  not only as object.

version 2.37: Tue Jul  9 17:53:13 CEST 2013

	- wsdl: compileClient now also respects declare(OPERATION)
	- wsdl: SOAP12 operations became SOAP11 ports

	- wsdl: new compileCall($operation), helping [Caleb Cushing]
	- soaphttp: docs improvement about own user_agent. [Edward Savage]

version 2.36: Fri May  3 10:04:52 CEST 2013

	- error when Fault/details contains elements which are not

	- writer rpc: do not ignore empty message parts [Henrik Tougaard]

	- spell fixes. rt.cpan.org#83835 [Joenio Marques de Costa]
	- remove dependency for Test::Deep
	- moved ::WSDL11::_learn_prefixes to ::Cache
	- doc: OODoc improvements produce nices DETAILS sections

version 2.35: Mon Jan 14 11:45:07 CET 2013

	- fix collection of errors, even better. [Lars Thegler]

version 2.34: Fri Dec 21 12:21:00 CET 2012


	- correct collection of errors in ::Client
	  [Roman Daniel]

version 2.33: Fri Nov 30 19:18:22 CET 2012


	- ::SOAP11::Operation::addHeader() now supports mustUnderstand
	  and destination.

version 2.32: Mon Oct 22 21:38:04 CEST 2012


	- ::Trace errors is ARRAY, not HASH.

version 2.31: Tue Oct 16 16:28:52 CEST 2012


	- writer: first create the Body, then the Header, so fields in the
	  header (for instance Security) do know what the body will be.

	- writer: rpc operation will have xmlns, not Envelope


	- transport: capture XML and protocol errors in exceptions.

	- ::Operation::addHeader() will silently ignore adding the same
	  header again.


	- trace object may capture multiple errors.  New method: errors()

version 2.30: Sat Oct  6 13:35:21 CEST 2012


	- handle XOP decoding where there is no start-id is mentioned.
	  Reported by [Ciaran Deignan]

	- explain of operation sometimes missed a name-space declaration.
	  rt.cpan.org#79786 [David Tindall Mcmath]

	- ::WSDL::new(wsdl) was documented to accept multiple WSDLs,
	  but only the first was taken.
	  [Karen Etheridge]


	- more reuse of the default LWP::UserAgent.

	- explain show prefixed type for faults.

version 2.29: Thu Aug 16 00:17:22 CEST 2012


	- deprecated XML::LibXML::parse_string() must be replaced
	  by XML::LibXML::load_xml(string).
	  rt.cpan.org#78946 [chernomyrdin]

	- treat XOP mime-type multipart/related case-insensitive
	  [Ciaran Deignan]


	- add ::SOAP11::Operation::parsedWSDL()

version 2.28: Fri Jun 22 20:19:53 CEST 2012


	- handling single string fault details. [ZP Gu]

version 2.27: Fri Jun 22 08:54:08 CEST 2012


	- disable attempts of the XML::LibXML parser to dynamically load
	  DTDs for ::Trace::*(pretty_print)  [Michael Ludwig]


	- take hint by [Boris Jakubaschk] about how simpel it is to get
	  basic authentication included in the HTTP headers.

	- add parsed response DOM-tree to the ::Trace.
	  On request by [Michael Ludwig]

version 2.26: Wed Feb  8 20:19:15 CET 2012


	- fix and improve ::Trace::pretty_print() [Michael Ludwig]


	- avoid warnings in ::Trace::printTimings() when the
	  message exchange was incomplete.

	- added example how to get low-level control over the HTTP
	  messages to the ::FAQ.  Based on an example from
	  [Michael Ludwig]

	- added a way to load all imported xsd files to your local
	  disk via wget, after a question from [Gary Kennedy]

	- documentation generation problems.

	- add transporter object as parameter to the hook call.

	- ::Tansport::compileClient() gets xml_format options to
	  improve readability.

version 2.25: Thu Sep 22 10:56:11 CEST 2011


	- do not silently continue when there are decoding errors.

	- two missing __x() in ::SOAP::Server errors. [Patrick Powell]

	- one-way message error-handling and explain [Patrick Powell]

	- examples/rpc-literal/element.pl failed.  Reported by
	  rt.cpan.org#70349 [Caleb Cushing]


	- new method XML::Compile::SOAP::Trace::printErrors()

	- explain how to use transport_hook to implement transporter
	  tricks without fully extending ::Transport [Patrick Powell]

	- handler callbacks pass additional session object around.
	  [Patrick Powell]

	- extended ::Trace::printResponse() with 'pretty_print' options,
	  as suggested by [Caleb Cushin]

	- remove example/wssecurity from the distribution: we now have

version 2.24: Mon Jun 20 14:27:15 CEST 2011


	- cleanly catch more errors in trace object.


	- allow instantiation of WSDL11 object with ARRAY of wsdl

	- template: also show headers in explain()  Hinted by [Patrick

version 2.23: Tue Feb 15 08:56:35 CET 2011


	- check whether reading from XOP file succeeds.

	- ahhh... debug warning was left-in.
	  rt.cpan.org #65720 [Boris Zentner]

version 2.22: Sat Feb  5 20:41:13 CET 2011


	- endpoint parameter got broken in 2.20 [Daniel Stini]


	- make explain() output well-formed, syntax correct.
	  [Patrick Powell]

	- $op->compileClient now also accepts parameters for the
	  transporter which is created internally [Robin V.]

version 2.21: Sat Dec 25 12:01:30 CET 2010


	- various tests fail with newer Test::More

version 2.20: Wed Dec 22 16:40:56 CET 2010


	- load soap11 schemas, even when WSDL defines a SOAP-ENV.

	- fix server faults even further :(
	  Good test-env by [Patrick Powell] is half the work


	- call caching, with new methods compileCalls() and call().
	  Simplifies application, as shown by [Bernd Web]

	- new ::endPoint()

	- add fault structures to ::Operation::explain() on request
	  by [Patrick Powell]

version 2.19: Tue Nov  9 13:23:05 CET 2010


	- pass async flag of ::Operation::compileClient [Aleksey Mashanov]


	- documentation fixes by [Patrick Powell]

version 2.18: Mon Nov  1 17:10:17 CET 2010


	- extra "action" parameter for faultMessageNotRecognized().
	  [Patrick Powell]

	- renamed XML::Compile::Operation to XML::Compile::SOAP::Operation


	- also Faults which do not contain additional details will
	  get decoded for convenience. Found by [Patrick Powell]

	- promote soapAction() from ::SOAP11::Operation into ::Operation

	- document availability of ::Operation::wsaAction() for ::WSA

	- produce error when binding of operation is missing.

	- XML::Compile::Transport becomes an ::Extension

	- added ::Extension::soap11ServerWrapper()

	- explain how to use ANY elements in SOAP messages.

	- ::SOAP::compileClient() can now be used with async transfer
	  protocols. [Aleksey Mashanov]

	- document existence of ::Transfer::SOAPHTTP_AnyEvent

	- ::SOAP::messageStructure() also shows wsa_action.

	- remove dependency on Test::Pod

	- started with XML::Compile::SOAP::FAQ

version 2.17: Thu Sep 30 17:05:42 CEST 2010


	- when the WSDL does not contain a soapAction, there will
	  not be such field in the mime-header (because SharePoint
	  gets confused) [Pete Groff]

	- when no namespace is defined in RPC, it should be
	  interpreted as undefined, not produce an error. [Tapio Niva]

	- repaired WSDL interpretation problem with faults.


	- received header and body elements which are not understood
	  (hence cannot be decoded) will be included as XML::LibXML node
	  in the result. Question by [Lars Thegler]

	- WSDL elements like service-name do now also accept prefixed
	  names, not only qnames and local names.

	- explain will prefer to show types in prefixed form, which
	  is shorter than the qname version.

	- do also cleanup server generated (out-of WSDL) faults and
	  describe how to use them.

version 2.16: Wed Aug 11 16:13:14 CEST 2010


	- rpc without parameters should create empty procedure element
	  [Oliver Gorwit]

	- do not crash with http-get and http-post bindings in the WSDL.
	  [Morad Igmir]  A real-life server and examples are needed to
	  be able to implement these protocols.


	- accept FILEHANDLE argument in XML::Compile::SOAP::print*()
	  Requested by [Max Cohan]

	- add XML::Compile::Cache version to the HTTP headers.

	- add 'Accept' HTTP line to request for SOAP answer (SOAP1.2)

	- $wsdl->printIndex() shows SOAP version with port name.

	- load wsdl-http.xsd in SOAP10, not WSDL11

version 2.15: Tue Jun 15 15:22:30 CEST 2010


	- add ways to extend SOAP11 operation definitions, to support
	  extensions which are not in the WSDL.

	- add XML::Compile::SOAP::Extension for XML::Compile::SOAP::WSA

version 2.14: Mon May 17 13:12:39 CEST 2010


	- using WSDL with RPC/type, the values must not be labeled
	  with the type, but the part name.


	- ::WSDL11::explain() should pass options to operation search.

version 2.13: Mon Apr 26 10:07:11 CEST 2010


	- crash when the data structure returned in a server handler
	  does not match the expected structure. [Robin V.]

	- role keywords were not translated into URIs.


	- SOAP11::Operation::compileHandler() new option "selector"

	- test the server side production of wsdl defined faults.

version 2.12: Tue Mar  2 15:58:48 CET 2010


	- rpc return decoding.

version 2.11: Tue Mar  2 09:27:40 CET 2010


	- syntax error caused by change in Log::Report.
	  rt.cpan.org#55095 [Leandro Hermida]

	- rpc with part types was not processed correctly

version 2.10: Mon Feb  8 19:43:42 CET 2010


	- action parameter of XML::Compile::Transport::SOAPHTTP::new()
	  was ignored. [Titi Ala'ilima]

	- ::SOAP11::Server::faultNotImplemented() should only produce
	  a fault structure, not a message.


	- ::SOAP11::Server::compileHandler()  _RETURN_CODE and
	   _RETURN_TEXT in produced answer will be used in the HTTP

	- ::SOAP11::Server shows some client error messages in the
	  server logs.

version 2.09: Thu Jan 28 14:24:40 CET 2010


	- explicitly require XML::Compile in ::SOAPHTTP [Joel B]

	- good error handling when 'use XML::Compile::SOAP11' is missing.


	- re-added /examples/wssecurity/security.pm to distribution.

version 2.08: Thu Jun 18 10:29:13 CEST 2009


	- Fault's did not decoded since v2.05, reported by [Gert Doering]


	- new method XML::Compile::SOAP::Trace::error()

version 2.07: Tue Jun  2 15:52:20 CEST 2009


	- remove debug print statement

version 2.06: Tue Jun  2 11:11:27 CEST 2009


	- removed  XML::Compile::SOAP::Tester from t/01use.t
	  [cpantesters] and rt.cpan.org#46588 [Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaker]

	- repair call structure when not running with test server.
	  Reported by [Luong Truong]

	- require 'namespace' attribute when SOAP  RPC.  Decided together
	  with [Daniel Ruoso]

	- removed more references to the "fakeServer" implementation which
	  never got around.  There is a nice way to create "server stubs"
	  to be able to test the clients without the need for a remote server.
	  See the docs in XML::Compile::Transport

version 2.05: Thu May 28 12:31:46 CEST 2009


	- remove XML::Compile::SOAP::Tester, because it was not completely
	  developed.  Signaled by [Georg Oechsler]

	- use 'namespace' parameter (if available) in SOAP RPC
	  Reported by [Daniel Ruoso]

	- rpc-literal one-way fix (hopefully).  Reported by [Daniel Ruoso]


	- support MTOM and XOP in new modules XML::Compile::XOP(::Include)
	  tests in t/60xop.t   Needed by [Luong Truong]

	- trace which message top-nodes are being skipped.

version 2.04: Mon Apr 13 19:01:15 CEST 2009


	- RPC/literal was seriously broken.
	  Extended example by [Daniel Ruoso].

	- address operation by port-name [Georg Oechsler]


	- add filters on operations(), proposed by [Georg Oechsler]

	- added to ::Operation the accessors serviceName(), portName()
	  bindingName(), portTypeName().

	- added ::WSDL11::printIndex()

	- require LWP to be at least 5.825, because Perl 5.10 comes with a
	  version which breaks on unicode [Anton Berezin]

version 2.03: Wed Mar 25 15:44:10 CET 2009


	- auto-generate service block when missing and only one portType
	  and binding defined. Used by Exchange. Reported by [Anton Berezin]

	- fix wsdl11 when "parts" is used.  [Anton Berezin]

	- do not enforce an endpoint parameter.

	- do not let HTTP error codes confuse the transporter: sometimes
	  they are produced by the SOAP handler. [Gert Doering]


	- namespace work-around for unqualified Fault structure in SOAP11
	  envelope was implemented twice.  Removed one.

	- accept 'server' option to compileClient, which does only replace
	  the server name in the WSDL service location string, not the
	  whole endpoint.

version 2.02: Sun Feb 15 23:24:14 CET 2009


	- ::Server::compileHandler() now returns a pair: contains
	  a status code as well.


	- restore accidentally removed ::Server::faultValidationFailed()

	- repair handling of server processing errors.

	- add clean handling of ::Server::faultResponseInvalid()

	- reuse created Server::faultWriter()

	- required XML::Compile::Cache 0.91 [cpantesters]


	- trace the returned faults

version 2.01: Thu Feb 12 09:48:17 CET 2009


	- require XML::Compile v1.00 for element_form_default parameter

	- SOAP::version not configurable, but class constant.


	- crash on server errors, when throw() is called.
	  rt.cpan.org#42528 [Piotr Roszatycki]

	- do not use /bin/pwd in t/99pod.t

	- do not prefix the user's keys without explicit user request
	  via key_rewrite => 'PREFIXED'.  Requires XML::Compile 1.01


	- lookup SOAP protocol via envelope namespace as well.

        - also *::Operation now shows protocol version().

	- added serverClass() and clientClass() for ::Operation.

version 2.00_01: Mon Dec 29 11:13:05 CET 2008

	************** MAJOR REWRITE!!! *******************
	. WSDL11 based on XML::Compile::Cache, with much simpler code
	  as result.
	. many classes and methods have been renamed or removed.
	. split-off SOAP12 into distribution XML::Compile::SOAP12
	. the "document" style soap interface unchanged.
	. rpc-literal is much better now, like document style
	. rpc-encoded not yet supported.
	. pluggable back-ends for message structures (SOAP1.1, SOAP1.2,..)
	  and transporters (SOAPHTTP, XMPP, ...)


	- Too many changes in internals to detail.

	- you have to explicitly load XML::Compile::SOAP11 yourself, to
	  have those definitions understood by the WSDL.


	- fixed t/30charset.t, with double encode of utf-8.


	- port to Perl pre-5.8.3, working around broken or non-existing
	  encode() [Toby Corkindale]

	- report cause on client error which is produced in LWP [Tom]

	- removed the [new in 0.78] added elementFormDefault="qualified"
	  in favor of the new XML::Compile::Schema::importDefinitions()
	  options which do the same.

	- more trace messages.

	- new examples for rpc-literal, based on Daniel Ruoso's example.

version 0.78: Fri Oct 10 15:55:39 CEST 2008


	- improved understanding of top-level elements in XML::Compile 0.95
	  broke this module:
	  . some schema lack    elementFormDefault="qualified"
	    changed in soap-encoding.xsd, wsdl-soap.xsd
	  . some problems in the RPC encoder/decoder
	  . disable t/51wsdl11enc.t


	- do not use (big)float in test of t/15rpclit11.t

version 0.77: Fri Aug 15 07:48:22 CEST 2008


	- Changes in XML::Compile 0.93 broke group processing in WSDL
	  rt.cpan.org#38483 [John LoVerso]

version 0.76: Fri Aug  1 13:18:21 CEST 2008


	- Correcting fault handling. Code and tests(!) contributed
	  by [Jamie Lentin]

	- Requires XML::Compile 0.91, just because it is much better.

version 0.75: Mon Jul 21 09:17:10 CEST 2008


	- Requires XML::Compile 0.90. Cpantesters [Martin Kutter]

version 0.74: Fri Jul 18 22:01:24 CEST 2008


	- Reading SOAP failed, because improved strictness of XML::Compile
	  [Jason Tang]


	- require XML::Compile 0.87, which renames option output_namespaces
	  into prefixes.


	- rename encoder option namespaces into prefixes.  Old name still

version 0.73: Tue Apr 29 18:59:42 CEST 2008


	- require Log::Report 0.17, to fulfil promisses of the doc (was 0.11)

	- require XML::Compile::Tester

	- require XML::Compile 0.78 -> 0.81


	- example how to use WS-Security, contributed by [Alan Wind]

	- refer to mailinglist and IRC, set-up by [Matt S Trout]

	- Test scripts converted to use XML::Compile::Tester.  Cleaned-out

version 0.72: Wed Apr 16 13:03:26 CEST 2008


	- WSDL schemata passed to new() got parsed twice.

	- schema sources were offered for compilation twice, but ignored
	  the last time.

	- schema mix-up with more than one WSDL object. [Kaare Rasmussen]

	- WSDL11->compileClient did not pass parameters to ::Schema::compile()
	  as was documented [Allan Wind]


	- requires XML::Compile 0.73 -> 0.78


	- new option WSDL11(schemas).

	- only complain about limitation to SOAPHTTP protocol if no
	  explicit transporter was defined. [Daniel Ruoso]

version 0.71: Sat Apr 12 09:58:05 CEST 2008


	- Support XML which uses a non-utf8 encoding. Patch by [Gert Doering]
	  The related test needs to be updated (print cannot handle byte-

	- Client does not add Content-Length field. Patch [Drew Taylor]

	- headers were missing, since XML::Compile "reader in list-context"
	  fix.  Reported by [Gert Doering]

version 0.70: Wed Apr  9 15:09:43 CEST 2008


	- Math::BigInt with GMP caused t/14dec11.t to fail
	  [CPANTesters, Slaven Rezic]

version 0.69: Tue Apr  8 23:48:31 CEST 2008


	- Trace returned on error was not transformed into an object, and
	  resulted in unwanted undefs.

	- ::Trace->printTimings() did not handle undefs well.

	- Document that SOAPHTTP::compileClient(action) is optional, not

	- ::SOAPHTTP will use LWP::UserAgent with Keep-Alive on.


	- require XML::Compile 0.69 -> 0.73

	- ::WSDL11::Operation canTransport() implementation was broken,
	  and therefore needed a change of behavior.  Probably invisible
	  for end-users.


	- Automatic reuse of transport connections for all WSDL operations
	  with the same endpoint(s).

	- New method ::SOAP::messageStructure()

	- New facility method ::SOAP::importDefinitions()

	- Added ::Util::MSEXT constant (MicroSoft Extension Framework)

	- Make XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon work by extending ::SOAP::Server
	  and ::SOAP11::Server implementations.  Implementation completed.

	- Added TODO file.

version 0.68: Fri Mar 14 17:56:37 CET 2008


	- sender/receiver compile options where not passed to

	- use of ::Transport::SOAPHTTP was not correctly described
	  in its SYNOPSIS [Marc Sebastian Pelzer]

	- SOAP.pm did not use hires-timings


	- XML::Compile::SOAP::Trace added for simplified debugging.
	  This also simplifies example/namesservice/has_wsdl.pl

version 0.67: Fri Feb  8 09:16:15 CET 2008


	- WSDL types were compiled twice.

	- problems with specifying your own transporter when creating SOAP
	  calls based on a WSDL.

	- upgrade requirement XML::Compile to 0.68

	- ::Encoding::dec()  [decode RPC] tries harder.
	  with help of [Philippe B.]


	- Pass information about location of type definitions to
	  XML::Compile, for debugging and tracing.

	- ::Encoding::array new option array_type

version 0.66: Thu Jan 31 09:30:18 CET 2008


	- the SOAP message is a document, not an element.  This way,
	  we get the right output encoding for free.  Problem spotted
	  by [Gert Doering]

	- more encoding/decoding character-set issues.  Test script
	  in t/30charset.t


	- details about client-side soap moved from ::SOAP into

	- ::SOAP::compileClient() moved to ::SOAP::Client::

	- example for $wsdl->compileClient() by [Allen Wind]

	- updated the docs, wrt non-existing SOAP1.2 support, triggered
	  by [Allen Wind]

	- initial implementation of XML::Compile::SOAP::Server

	- return multiple elements in RPC-encoded constructor.
	  Needed by [Philippe B.]

version 0.65: Mon Jan  7 11:58:52 CET 2008


	- do not fail in ::Operation::collectMessageParts() if the
	  input or output part description is missing. [Kaare Rasmussen]

	- support for one-way (WSDL) messages, pushed by [Kaare Rasmussen]
version 0.64: Tue Nov 27 11:42:45 CET 2007


	- various improvements in the output of Encode::decSimplify(),
	  the automatic decoded rpc-encoded messages.

	- depends on XML::Compile 0.61


	- ::Encoding::_dec_typed() confused URI and prefix.

	- rpc-encoded now tests that user's constructed question has
	  a name-space.


	- updated examples in example/namesservice/
	  WSDL example is now called: has_wsdl.pl

	- added new example/namesservices examples:
	  New pure Schema example: has_schema.pl
	  RPC-literal example: rpc-literal.pl
	  RPC-Encoded example: rpc-encoded.pl
	  and 4 related simplifications, named xxxx2.pl

	- added for convenience: Encoding::encAddNamespace() [without s]

version 0.63: Sat Nov 24 00:14:07 CET 2007


	- requires XML::Compile 0.60

	- ::Encode::typed() now uses selected schemaNS as default, so
	  simplifies the type parameter.

	- ::Encode::element() now also has the 'type' as first parameter,
	  like ::typed().


	- detection of operation type, where WSDL used prefixes.

	- some improvements and changes where not listed in the changelog
	  for version 0.62

	- fixed ::Encode::typed() when value is already an element

	- WSDL11 headers parsed wrongly. [Gert Doering]


	- added t/51wsdl11enc.t

	- added ::Encoding::nil()

	- test for ::Encoding::struct();

version 0.62: Mon Nov 19 12:55:42 CET 2007


	- XML::Compile::SOAP::HTTPClient renamed into
	  It is reworked to extend the new XML::Compile::Transport.
	  Change invisible to WSDL users, but very visible to people
	  who create their own messages.  Some of the trace records
	  changed name as well.

	- swapped arguments of ::Encoding::typed() from
	   (name, type, value) to (type, name, value);

	- WSDL11(::Operation)::prepareClient() renamed into


	- moved README.todo text to XML::Compile::SOAP man-page,
	  because people often use pre-packaged modules and therefore
	  may not see the README files.

	- extended the documentation a lot.

	- implemented XML::Compile::SOAP::compileClient(), which was
	  documented but not present.

	- added transport base class XML::Compile::Transport.

	- compileMessage() accepts pre-compiled READER and WRITERs,
	  not only element types.

	- implemented (and documented/tested) literal and encoded RPC.

	- added Encoding::encAddNamespaces()

	- added Encoding::struct()

	- use fake_server to t/wsdl11.t

version 0.61: Tue Nov  6 13:56:54 CET 2007


	- expected installation problmes due to version number.

version 0.60: Tue Nov  6 13:52:45 CET 2007


	- requires XML::Compile 0.58

	- Empty parameter list at operation will be passed to a
	  single body element.


	- XML::Compile::SOAP::Encoding::decSimplify()

	- Working(!) example included.

version 0.59: Mon Nov  5 15:57:30 CET 2007


	- requires XML::Compile 0.57


	- added XML::Compile::SOAP::Util, where all often-used URIs
	  are now defined.

	- added XML::Compile::SOAP::Encoding, for XML-RPC.
	  tests in t/13enc11.t and t/14dec11.t

version 0.58: Mon Oct 22 10:53:30 CEST 2007


	- XML::Compile::SOAP::Server was missing from the MANIFEST.
	  Cpan-testers, [Slaven Rezic]

version 0.57: Thu Oct 18 09:33:10 CEST 2007

	SOAP11 might be working, partially.  No tests with real HTTP
	connection yet.


	- XML::Compile::SOAP1[12]::Client's were missing from the


	- roleAbbreviations() became roleURI(), and new roleAbbrevations()
	  which does the reverse of the old one.


	- producing and decoding faults, with tests in t/11fault11.t

	- implemented XML::Compile::SOAP::compileCall()

	- moved description of missing implementation features from
	  XML::Compile::SOAP manual page to README.todo

version 0.56: Fri Oct 12 14:54:25 CEST 2007

	Massive changes and extensions, but still not functioning.

	- split-off XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon and all its needs into
	  a seperate distribution.

	- implements XML::Compile::SOAP::Tester
	- implements XML::Compile::SOAP11::Server
	- implements XML::Compile::SOAP12::Server

	- moved parts of XML::Compile::SOAP1[12]
	  into XML::Compile::SOAP1[12]::Client, and reworked examples.

	- translated some die's and warn's into Log::Report

	- use "5.008" in Makefile.PL, to replace "use 5.8" which is
	  not understood by Perl 5.5 [Slaven Rezic]

version 0.55: Wed Oct  3 22:57:24 CEST 2007

	- first attempt on a full implementation.  Quite some
	  interface changes were made; old docs are useless.

	- fork from XML::Compile

	- renamed XML::Compile::WSDL         into XML::Compile::WSDL11
	- renamed XML::Compile::SOAP::SOAP11 into XML::Compile::SOAP11
	- renamed XML::Compile::SOAP::SOAP12 into XML::Compile::SOAP12

	- install xsd's automatically, grouped in directories

	- added wsdl11soap12.xsd

	- Log::Report (translation) namespace xml-compile-soap

	- depend on LWP

	- renamed XML::Compile::SOAP::Operation into

	- Added XML::Compile::SOAP::Client and ::Server
	- Added XML::Compile::SOAP::HTTPClient and ::Server