Revision history for Perl module Win32::Shortkeys

0.01 Tue Oct  3 10:45:25 2017
    - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.56
0.02 Package MySubs -> Win32::Shortkeys::MySubs
0.03 2017.11.29
     z as a command abreviation is used to call usleep and 
     to induce a waiting time
0.04 2018.02.02
      ProtocolEncoding arg when parser is created in Ripper->catch
      ProtocolEncoding set to the arg received in Shortkeys->parse_file
0.05 2018.02.21 : layers for writing the xml file have to use the :raw ... :crlf mantra to write UTF-16LE and UTF-16 (BE) : Encoding used is iso-8859-1 instead of cp1250 to pass data to clipboard