=head1 NAME

Win32::GUI::Cursor - Create cursor resources



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=head1 METHODS

L<Common methods|Win32::GUI::Reference::Methods> apply to most windows, controls and resources.

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=head2 new


Creates a new Cursor object reading from FILENAME.

If FILENAME is a string, then it is first tried as a resource
name, then a filename.  If FILENAME is a number it is tried
as a resource identifier.

Resources are searched for in the current exe (perl.exe unless
you have packed your application using perl2exe, PAR or similar),
then in the Win32::GUI GUI.dll, and finally as an OEM resource

See also the L<common options|Win32::GUI::Reference::Options>.

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=head1 EVENTS

L<Common events|Win32::GUI::Reference::Events> apply to most windows and controls.

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=head1 SUPPORT

Homepage: L<http://perl-win32-gui.sourceforge.net/>.

For further support join the users mailing list from the website
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