Revision history for WebService-ValidSign

0.003     2019-03-19 12:23:07Z

    * Failure is mandatory: CPAN-testers still report issues with
      JSON::XS 4.01 on various perl versions. Bump the requirement to
      4.02 in all cases when 4.01 is found.
    * Added some tests and improved POD
    * Added bin-script for downloading files from ValidSign

0.002     2019-03-08 05:25:19Z

    * CPAN-testers report issues with JSON::XS 4.01 which is buggy on
      perl 5.026 and up. This has been fixed by JSON::XS 4.02. Test with
      Dist::Zilla::Plugin::DynamicPrereqs to set the requirement to
      JSON::XS 4.02, otherwise we bump the required JSON::XS module to
    * CPAN-testers report issues with Moo < 1.006000, bump the
      requirement for Moo to 1.006000
    * Testing with Zaaksysteem showed an issue with create_with_document
      where the package ID wasn't set after a create
    * Enhance the builders of objects to accept camelCase and snake_case for
      arguments so you can make an object directly from the JSON
    * Enhance the TO_JSON to automaticly convert snake_case to camelCase
      so objects are serialized to JSON correctly without having to
      override the TO_JSON every time.

0.001     2019-03-07 13:54:09Z

    * Initial release of WebService::ValidSign
      This module is ALPHA code and subject to change. Please be warned.