0.12     2020-05-05

- You may now use a token object that stringifies to the actual token.

0.11     2018-06-21

- Add the ability to look up project memberships.

- Make sure that LWP::Protocol::https is listed as an explicit dependency. The
  PT API uses HTTPS so we need this module to talk to it.

0.10     2018-01-04

- Make sure all queries that retrieve one or more stories get the requested_by
  field. Calling $story->requested_by on a story that was retrieved via the
  ->project_stories_where method would fail because this wasn't being done. It
  only worked for a story retrieved with the ->story method.

0.09     2018-01-04

- Fixed a filename in the test fixtures that was too long for Windows. The
  distribution could not be untarred on Windows at all.

0.08     2018-01-03

- The Story class now has a ->requested_by method that returns a
  WebService::PivotalTracker::Person object.

0.07     2017-02-08

- Re-release with latest dzil bundle to fix documentation. Reported by Dave
  Rolsky. GitHub #5.

0.06     2016-12-12

- Fixed usage of Params::ValidationCompiler. The previous version would not
  compile with newer versions of this module due to incorrectly using a type
  where a specification was expected.

0.05     2016-07-03

- Params::CheckCompiler was renamed to Params::ValidationCompiler. Updated
  deps accordingly.

0.04     2016-06-14

- Fixed typo in attribute creation that caused compilation failures with
  Moo 2.002_000. Reported by andk. GitHub #2.

- Added new classes for Project and ProjectIteration.

- Added WS::PT->projects, ->project_iterations, and ->create_story.

0.03     2016-05-31

- Made the person_id parameter to Story->add_comment optional. By default, the
  person is determined from the token used to submit the comment.

- Made Story->update work (currently only can update the story current_state).

0.02     2016-05-31

- Added Story->add_label method.

- Fixed warning from too many sprintf arguments. Reported by Slaven
  Resiz. GitHub #1.

0.01     2016-05-26

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.