Revision history for WebService-Braintree
1.7     2018-07-08
        Forgot to move some 'use Moose::Role' statements to 'use Moo::Role'
1.6     2018-07-02
        Move from Moose to Moo
1.5     2018-06-04
        Add missing dependency
        Fixes for github issue #27
1.4     2018-06-02
        Force TLS 1.2 - thanks tonyo
        Add support for the use of the object interface.
1.3     2018-03-03
        Removed unused hexdigest_256() method
        Add support for options to PaymentMethod->delete()
        Add params validation to:
          * DocumentUploadGateway
              * create
          * PaymentMethodGateway
              * create
              * update
              * delete
          * PayPalAccountGateway
              * create
              * update
          * SubscriptionGateway
              * create
              * update
          * TransactionGateway
              * submit_for_settlement
              * refund
              * update_details
              * submit_for_partial_settlement
1.2     2018-03-20
        Added new interfaces:
        Added a ton of missing object methods from the Ruby SDK
        Added a TON of documentation around ... well, everything.
        BREAKING: All result objects now inherit from WebService::Braintree::_
        and are named WebService::Braintree::_::Foo
            This is because Perl does not support a clean distinction between
            class and object methods. All methods in Perl are both. In order to
            use the result objects as parsing types, that distinction needed to
            be extremely clear.
1.1    2018-02-24
        Added new interfaces:
        Added new methods:
        Unsuccessful results are now ::ErrorResult, not ::Result.
            ::Result->api_error_repsonse is now removed.
1.0    2018-01-13
        Added new interfaces:
        Added new methods:
                ->expired_cards() (->expired() in other SDKs)
            The following now return a ResourceCollection:
                * MerchantAccount->all
0.94    2017-10-16
        Big code cleanup and test refactor
        Make a bunch of sandbox tests run
        Comment out some low value sandbox tests that take excessively long PR # 12
        Does not support perl < 5.10.1
0.93    2017-08-26
        Fix sandbox test failures.  Thanks RKINYON.
0.92    2017-08-12
        Documentation.  Thanks RKINYON.
        Note:  sandbox tests currently failing.  To be repaired RSN
        Missing dependency DateTime::Format::RFC3339 thanks onlyjob.
0.91    2016-07-09
        Support for payment nonces thanks Tom Heady
0.6     2017-4-14
        Issues has wrong link in pod.
0.4.0   2017-4-12
        Fix dist to point to self rather than where forked from.
        Activate github issues for dist
        Minor dzil version issue.
0.29.0  06/23/16
        Add additional deprecation warnings in documentation
        Fix typo in WebService::Braintree::ErrorCodes::MerchantAccount::ApplicantDetails::Address
0.28.0  06/02/15
        Validate webhook challenge payload
0.27.0  03/04/15
        Allow settlement amount to be specified in submit_for_settlement (thanks @evanernest!)
0.26.0  10/06/14
        Allow descriptor to be passed in Funding Details options params for Merchant Account create and update
0.25.0  09/24/14
        Add additional_processor_response to transaction
0.24.1  09/17/2014
        Allow payee_email to be passed in options params for Transaction create
0.24.0  09/10/2014
        Added paypal specific fields to transaction calls
        Added SettlementPending, SettlementDeclined transaction statuses
0.23.0  08/12/2014
        Add descriptor url support
0.22.0  08/05/2014
        Allow credit card verification options to be passed outside of the nonce for PaymentMethod.create
        Allow billing_address parameters and billing_address_id to be passed outside of the nonce for PaymentMethod.create
        Add Subscriptions to paypal accounts
        Add PaymentMethod.update
        Add fail_on_duplicate_payment_method option to PaymentMethod.create
0.21.0  07/18/2014
        Add support for SDKs.
0.20.0  03/31/2014
        Include Dispute information on Transaction
        Search for Transactions dispute on certain date
0.19.1  03/25/2014
        Fix error result objects
0.19.0  03/04/2014
        Disbursement Webhooks
0.18.0  12/31/2013
        Merchant account find API
0.17.0  12/04/2013
        Merchant account update API
        Merchant account create API v2
0.16.1  10/31/2013
        Updates configuration URLs
0.16.0  10/27/2013
        Adds support for Partnerships
0.15.0  08/13/2013
        Adds hold_in_escrow method
        Add error codes for verification not supported error
        Add company_name and tax_id to merchant account create
        Adds cancel_release method
        Adds release_from_escrow functionality
        Adds owner_phone to merchant account signature.
        Adds merchant account phone error code.
0.14.0  07/19/2013
        Adds device data to transactions, customers, and credit cards.
0.13.0  05/01/2013
        Adds disbursement details to transactions.
        Adds image url to transactions.
0.12.0  04/03/2013
        Adds Venmo Touch support.
0.11.0  12/20/2012
        Adds channel field to transactions
0.10.0  11/09/2012
        Adds country of issuance and issuing bank bin database fields
0.9.0   10/25/2012
        Adds verification search
0.8.0   10/04/2012
        Additional card information, such as prepaid, debit, commercial, Durbin regulated, healthcare, and payroll, are returned on credit card responses
        Allows transactions to be specified as recurring
        Compatibility fix (thanks @pilcrow)
0.7.0   09/13/2012
        Adds Prepaid field to credit card (possible values include Yes, No, Unknown)
0.6.2   08/10/2012
        Fixes ValidationErrorCollection deep_errors
0.6.1   05/08/2012
        Adds ValidationError and ValidationErrorCollection and updates $result->errors to return a ValidationErrorCollection
0.5.0   04/19/2012
        Adds webhooks gateways for parsing, verifying, and testing notifications
0.4.0   03/06/2012
        Adds search for duplicate credit cards given a payment method token
        Adds flag to fail saving credit card to vault if card is duplicate
0.3.3   02/01/2012
        Exposes plan_id on transactions
        Correctly parses query strings that use semicolons instead of ampersands
0.3.2   11/15/2011
        Increases compatibility with versions of Perl prior to 5.10
0.3.1   11/03/2011
        Removed embedded perl5
        Aliased $transaction->credit_card_details to $transaction->credit_card
0.3.0   10/07/2011
        Added ability to retrieve all Plans, AddOns, and Discounts
        Added Transaction cloning
0.2.0   8/24/2011
        Added SettlementBatchSummary
0.1.3   8/15/2011
        Point release to ensure strict pragma is always used.
0.1.2   8/15/2011
        Point release to not ship 3rd party dependencies.
0.1.1   8/15/2011
        Point release to fix packaging of CPAN module.
0.1.0   8/15/2011
        First version, allows for connectivity to the braintree payment processing API with all functionality except search.