Change Log
Version 0.33

New installs failing because we missed the requirement for
Util::H2O::More. OOF. Sorry NHC :-).

Version 0.32

Found and fixed some bugs that was breaking existing tests. Weird.

Version 0.31

Introduced Util::H2O to generate accessors for the NHC .json file,
only used internally for now

Version 0.20

POD fix

Version 0.19

Test fix only, replorted via RT.

Version 0.18


Weather::NHC::TropicalCyclone::StormTable::get_latest_table - initial
support for updating the table with what's hosted at NHC.

Weather::NHC::TropicalCyclone::StormTable::get_storm_numbers - get
list of storm numbers given year, basin.

See POD for more information.

Version 0.17

Added support for NHC storm.history table via the new module,

Version 0.15

Added internal cache for storm and methods to provide constant time
access of storms contained in the processed JSON.

public methods:

internal methods:

Version 0.14

Non-functional bump, added dependency to meta information for pkg

Version 0.13:

Added support for converting the forecast advisory into the ATCF
formatted forecast data format/file

Version 0.12:

Renamed fetch_forecastGraphics fetch_forecastGraphics_url in the
storm module, Weather::NHC::TropicalCyclone::Storm. Updated tests,
updated POD. Reorganized code for better readability.

Version 0.11:

- If no graphics are found, return empty array ref.

Version 0.10:

- Fixed a bug
- Added test dependencies to dist.ini

Version 0.06:

- Added fetch methods to Weather::NHC::TropicalCyclone for RSS feeds
activated during storms in the Atlantic basin, East Pacific basin, and
Central Pacific basins.

Versions 0.01-0.05:

- initial release