Revision history for Revision history for perl module WWW-Shorten-Bitly

2.001     2017-02-06
    - Fix an error in the constructor (GH#1)
    - Fix a change in ReadmeAnyFromPod

2.000     2016-09-16
    - MAJOR CHANGES!!!!!
    - Cleaned up the object-oriented interface.
    - Removed errors function
    - Removed qr_code function
    - Removed validate function
    - Removed version function
    - Converted to Dist::Zilla
    - Added proper attributes
    - Aliased any old pseudo-attributes to the new proper ones
    - Re-documented every method call
    - All method calls use parameters matching their actual calls
    - All method calls return a hash reference or die (Try::Tiny)
    - All method calls use JSON-only
    - Got rid of any and all XML-related code
    - Make use of JSON::MaybeXS instead
    - Cleaned up the requirements list in a cpanfile
    - Added quite a bit more tests

1.11    2009-08-12/15:45IST
    - Implemented a few patches provided by other PAUSE
    - contributors to fail gracefully, use post instead of get on

0.78    2009-01-25/21:12IST
    - Working version, fixed some documentation issues.

0.01    2009-01-01/00:00
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.