2020-04-03  Kingpin  <martin@ubuntu>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (approximate_result_count): method can return undef rather than always zero

2017-04-30  Kingpin  <martin@martin-M17x>

	* Makefile.PL: fixed for Perl 5.26

2015-12-13  Kingpin  <martin@localhost.localdomain>

	*  removed MYMETA files from distro (again)

2015-06-06  Kingpin  <Martin@EV-9D9>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm: removed Date::Manip::TZ setting

2013-11-18  Kingpin  <Martin@EV-9D9>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (test_most_results): better error messages

2013-10-05  Kingpin  <martin@localhost.localdomain>

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: do not ship MYMETA files

2013-08-20  Kingpin  <martin@localhost.localdomain>

	* Makefile.PL (MY::preamble): added fix for devel on Windows 7

2013-06-23  Kingpin  <martin@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (test_most_results): fixed quote problem in eval

2013-03-25  Kingpin  <martin@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (test_most_results): fixed off-by-one error

2010-05-20  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (test_most_results): fixed percentage test!

2008-11-28  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (test_most_results): new function

2008-11-27  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (user_agent): wrap {new LWP::UserAgent} in an eval

2008-11-10  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (_native_retrieve_some): check for empty _next_url

2008-07-20  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (sources): new method
	(add_sources): new method

2008-07-15  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (find_websearch): look bin blib/script also

2008-07-13  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (_parse_tree): now calls parse_tree() for backward compatibility

2008-06-01  Kingpin  <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (parse_tree): don't need conditional

2008-04-05    <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: renamed parse_tree() to _parse_tree()

2008-03-05    <Martin@BLUEMAX>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (native_retrieve_some): turn on UTF-8 mode in HTML parser

2007-11-11    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* all: use warnings in all modules

2007-07-26    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* t/use.t: do not use the deprecated IO::Capture::ErrorMessages

2007-07-04    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (native_retrieve_some): prevent undef warning

2007-06-03    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* various: make sure to use strict

2007-05-19    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): print result number in front of URL

2007-05-07    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): added eighth argument

2007-03-24    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (strip_tags): fix for possible "modify read-only" error
	(absurl): fix for possible undef error

2007-03-23    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): FIX to not waste time getting too many results

2007-01-29    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): added timezone to HTML email

2006-07-30    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (tm_run_test_no_approx): new function
	(count_results): FIX to allow more than 300 results

2006-04-24    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (result_as_HTML): FIX for backends that use WWW::Search::Result

2006-04-22    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): now uses result_as_HTML() to format email

2006-04-21    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (result_as_HTML): new method

2006-04-19    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (sold): new method

2006-03-19    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: tweak pod (thanks to Brian Sammon)

2006-03-14    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (as_HTML): new method

2006-03-11    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (shipping): new method
	(as_HTML): new method

2006-03-10    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (question_count): new method
	(watcher_count): new method

2006-01-12    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (results): add pod about how to detect errors

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (send_email): fix the call syntax of Email::Send

2006-01-07    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (results): add pod about how to check for errors

	* t/use.t: use IO::Capture::Stderr instead of ::ErrorMessages

2005-12-27    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): set absolute maximum of 299 hits

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): make sure email contains HTML of new hits
        (send_email): don't need Email::Send::SMTP::Auth any more (Email::Send::SMTP will do)
	(make_date): fix URL of autosearch webpage

2005-12-26    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): bugfix for when argument for max is undef

2005-12-25    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm: new attribute 'category'

2005-07-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* Makefile.PL (MY::postamble): get pod2test to work without cat or dos2unix

2005-07-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): report HTTP error even if we got some results

2005-07-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (results): on error, now returns empty list instead of undef

2005-06-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (image_url): new method
	(thumb_url): new method

2005-04-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (make_date): fix link to AutoSearch webpage

2005-03-12  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): add result count to email message

2005-02-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_proxy): BUGFIX for calling with no args setting the value

2004-11-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (find_websearch): try harder to find a working WebSearch

2004-10-26  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (find_websearch): avoid warnings

	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Count.pm: delete extra spaces in pod directives

2004-10-10  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (new): do NOT put login name into agent_e_mail

2004-10-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (tm_new_engine): new function
	(tm_run_test): new function

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): add backend name to email body

2004-09-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/SearchResult.pm (bid_count): new method
	(bid_amount): new method

2004-08-21  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: added pod

2004-08-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (agent_name): new method

2004-07-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (send_email): use Email::Send
	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (send_email): send HTML using proper MIME-type

2004-06-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (installed_engines): make it run much faster!

2004-06-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* t/use.t: added a lot of tests for coverage

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (_load_env_useragent): new function

2004-05-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Count.pm: add $VERSION
	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Empty.pm: add $VERSION
	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Error.pm: add $VERSION
	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Count.pm: add _ in front of function names
	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Empty.pm: add _ in front of function names
	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Error.pm: add _ in front of function names
	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/NoVersion.pm: new file (for testing)

	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Count.pm (native_retrieve_some): set and test all SearchResult fields

2004-05-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (need_to_delay): new method

2004-03-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): new option --emailfrom

2004-03-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (approximate_result_count): clean up args
	(http_request): clean up redirect-following code

2004-02-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* t/use.t: add tests for approximate_result_count() args

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (approximate_result_count): fix empty-string warning

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (print_version): convert to Pod::Usage
	(main): reorder --stats messages

2004-02-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): do not try to send email if MIME::Lite is not available

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: convert to 3-digit version number; code cleanups

	* t/pod.t: new file

2004-01-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* Makefile.PL: converted to use Module::Install

2004-01-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: minor clean ups and prevent undef warnings

2004-01-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_request): detect redirect loops

2003-12-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (strip_tags): avoid warnings if we get undef argument

2003-12-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (user_agent): fix for undef warnings in LWP::UserAgent::proxy

2003-11-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (user_agent): fix $sUA creation

2003-11-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (main): added date to error messages in index.html
	(main): new option --cmdline

2003-11-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: new option --cleanup

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (user_agent): new $ENV{WWW_SEARCH_USERAGENT} mechanism

2003-11-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (strip_tags): reduce embedded spaces

2003-11-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_proxy): now takes same arguments as LWP::UserAgent::proxy()
	(user_agent): get proxy password from %ENV

2003-10-21  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl (usage): new option --ignore_channels

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (approximate_result_count): fixed so can be called without explicitly calling retrieve_some() first

2003-09-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* Makefile.PL (MY::postamble): fixed path for pod2text; etc.

2003-08-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): new 7th argument = search options hash

2003-08-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@verizon.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: new option --ignore_channels

2003-07-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (preprocess_results_page): BUGFIX bad return value

2003-07-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): printResults output is more verbose

2003-07-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (parse_tree): new NOP stub function

2003-07-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (login): now returns flag for success/failure

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (find_websearch): new function

2003-07-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): call login() before getting results

2003-06-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (cookie_jar): allow any flavor of HTTP::Cookies

2003-06-06  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: new option --listnewurls

2003-05-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (new_engine_test_more): new function for use with Test::More
	(run_test_test_more): new function for use with Test::More

2003-05-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* code/WebSearch-code.pl (list_engines): new option --list
	new options --username --password

2003-05-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): when dumping, print title as well as url and description

2003-04-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Null/Count.pm: fixed the Test::Inline pod directives (also in Empty.pm and Error.pm)

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (retrieve_some): do not complain about empty query if $self->{'_allow_empty_query'} is set

2003-03-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (strip_tags): avoid undef warnings

2003-02-06  Kingpin  <mthurn@megapipe.net>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: don't croak if query is undef or empty

2002-12-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon.>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (approximate_hit_count): new method (synonym for approximate_result_count)

2002-12-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon.>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: new option --help

2002-10-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@carbon>

	* code/WebSearch-code.pl: new option --terse; --count now prints actual count

2002-07-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>


2002-07-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (run_our_test): FIX miscalculation of max

2002-07-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>


2002-07-17  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (count_results): new function

2002-06-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_request): do not infinite loop when HTTP::Response is_error!

2002-06-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (login, logout): new methods
	(new): initialize _debug parameter to 0

2002-06-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (cookie_jar): return jar if no args

2002-05-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (hash_to_cgi_string): delete keys whose value is undef
	(http_method): new get/set method

2002-04-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm: `use WWW::Search` so client doesn't have to

2002-04-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: fix for case-sensitive cmd-line args

2002-04-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (installed_engines): new function

	* t/use.t: upgrade to use Test::More

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: get rid of @ENGINES_WORKING

	* lib/WWW/Search/Gopher.pm (native_retrieve_some): remove duplicate declaration warnings;
	added $VERSION

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (generic_option): gracefully handle missing argument

2002-03-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* code/WebSearch-code.pl (print_version): show version of --engine, too

2002-03-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (native_retrieve_some): add debug msgs
	(native_retrieve_some): better pod
	(native_retrieve_some): make it able to re-use the TreeBuilder object!

2002-03-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (native_retrieve_some): do not try to delete the TreeBuilder

2002-03-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (native_retrieve_some): allow backends to specify the HTML::TreeBuilder object to be used

2002-03-12  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* Makefile.PL: require 2 more modules

2002-03-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (user_agent): do not require users to call user_agent() explicitly;
	set default email to local user@host;
	(results): prevent warning when 0 hits

2002-02-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_request): use URI instead of $HTTP::URI_CLASS
	(absurl): same

2002-01-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_request): do not use URI::URL

2001-12-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm: remove warning about ./WebSearch

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (preprocess_results_page): new method

2001-11-23  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_request): delete bogus argument to http_request_to_file() call

2001-11-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* code/AutoSearch-code.pl: new option --debug

2001-10-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (skip_test): new method

2001-09-10  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (native_retrieve_some): new method

2001-09-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@copper.dulles.tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (strip_tags): convert <BR> to one space

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (run_our_test): new argument to print results to STDERR
	(run_our_test): do not set maximum if user expects an exact number of results

2001-08-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (env_proxy): new method

2001-08-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: tweaked debugging messages

2001-07-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (run_gui_test): new method

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (date_from): new method
	(date_to): new method

2001-07-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm (run_test): new functionality for simple test-running

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_proxy): added proxy support

2001-06-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2001-06-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* removed Scraper.pm and Sherlock.pm

2001-05-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>
2001-05-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (results): BUGFIX always returned 500!

2001-05-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Scraper.pm: updated to 1.20

2001-05-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Scraper.pm: updated to 1.10

2001-05-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>
2001-05-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Scraper.pm: new module contributed by Glenn Wood

2001-04-10  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* AutoSearch-code.pl (main): new option --mail for emailing new results

	* AutoSearch.PL: move real code to separate file (and update Makefile.PL)

2001-03-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>
2001-03-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>
	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (submit): new method

2001-03-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (reset_search): BUGFIX: reset approx_count (thanks to Alexander Mikhailian)

2001-03-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/NL.pm: new backend

2000-10-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm: many minor pod updates

2000-10-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Infoseek.pm et al. removed (use Go.pm instead)

2000-10-06  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (http_referer): new method

2000-10-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (cookie_jar): do not save cookies if user gave us HTTP::Cookie object

2000-10-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2000-10-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (split_lines): new optional first arg: list of patterns

2000-09-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (cookie_jar): new method to handle web cookies

2000-08-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm updated to version 2.9

2000-06-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Lycos.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-06-12  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/LookSmart.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

	* lib/WWW/Search/NorthernLight.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-05-26  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm: updated to 2.6 (parse only 1 result)

2000-05-17  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* removed Lycos/Sites.pm from the distribution (finally)

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo/Classifieds/Employment.pm: updated to 1.02

2000-05-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm: updated to 2.03 (fix pod typos)

2000-05-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista.pm (native_retrieve_some): fix next_url

2000-05-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Euroseek.pm: removed to its own separate registered module
	* lib/WWW/Search/GoTo.pm: removed to its own separate registered module
	* lib/WWW/Search/Google.pm: removed to its own separate registered module
	* lib/WWW/Search/Snap.pm: removed to its own separate registered module
	* lib/WWW/Search/ZDNet.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-04-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (reset_search): do not clear search_base_url

2000-04-12  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm: now uses File::Spec for all paths and filenames

2000-04-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (user_agent): now sets agent_name for non-robot UserAgent

2000-04-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

2000-04-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (reset_search): correctly and silently handle intermixed calls to gui_query() and native_query()

2000-03-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Google.pm: updated to 2.18 (fix rare garbage in URLs)

2000-03-23  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

2000-03-23  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* t/use.t: added test to make sure we're getting *any* results

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (escape_query): fixed BUG in argument parsing

2000-03-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

2000-03-21  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Excite/News.pm: updated to 2.03 (new output format)

	* lib/WWW/Search/VoilaFr.pm: new backend for www.voila.fr GUI searches

2000-03-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Snap.pm updated to 2.04

	* lib/WWW/Search/Google.pm updated to 2.17

2000-03-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/Intranet.pm: updated to 2.04 (pod only)

2000-02-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Magellan.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-02-26  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2000-02-25  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (reset_search): new method.  New feature: if
	you call native_query() a second time on the same WWW::Search
	object, a new search will be started.  (Before this change, you
	would get the results of the first query all over again)

2000-02-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Dejanews.pm et al.: removed to their own separate registered module
2000-02-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/AltaVista/Intranet.pm (native_retrieve_some): parse Rank integer

2000-02-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


2000-02-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* WebSearch: new option --gui to mimic query in browser

2000-02-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/OpenDirectory.pm: updated to 2.02

	* lib/WWW/Search/Yahoo.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-02-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (maintainer): new method

2000-01-31  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Test.pm: new module

	* lib/WWW/Search/Magellan.pm: updated to 2.04 (new test cases)

2000-01-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Excite.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-01-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search.pm (gui_query): new method

	* lib/WWW/Search/HotBot.pm: removed to its own separate registered module

2000-01-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Dejanews.pm: updated to 2.07 (new output format)

2000-01-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Euroseek.pm: new backend

2000-01-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* lib/WWW/Search/Snap.pm: updated to 2.03

	* lib/WWW/Search/Google.pm: updated to 2.16

2000-01-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Lycos::Sites retired

	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.09 (thanks to dbradford@bdctechnologies.com)

1999-12-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

1999-12-23  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Google.pm updated to 2.15 (return more details for each result)

1999-12-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* HotBot.pm updated to 2.10 (new output format)

	* Lycos::Pages retired

	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.08 (new URL for advanced search)

1999-12-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Profusion.pm retired
	* HotBot.pm updated to 2.09 (handle new result count format)

	* Google.pm updated to 2.12 (new output format, etc.)

1999-12-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo::Classifieds::Employment updated to 1.01 (remove unneeded 'use Socket')

	* Monster updated to 1.01 (remove unneeded 'use Socket')

	* HeadHunter updated to 1.01 (remove unneeded 'use Socket')

1999-12-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


1999-12-10  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Magellan.pm updated to 2.03 (new test cases)

	* Lycos::Sites.pm updated to 2.05 (fix for missing 'next' link)

	* HotBot.pm updated to 2.08 (was missing next-page link)

	* Dejanews.pm updated to 2.06 (ignore more deja-internal links)

	* SearchResult.pm updated to 2.06 (pod additions & corrections)

	* Infoseek.pm updated to 2.05 (handles new output format)

	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.07 (handles new output format)

1999-12-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Dejanews.pm updated to 2.05 (new test cases, and pod typo)

1999-12-06  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Dejanews.pm updated to 2.04 (handles new output format)

1999-12-03  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Makefile.PL modified for new test suite call sequence
	* NetFind.pm updated to 1.8

	* Lycos::Sites.pm updated to 2.05 (handles new url and new output format)

	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.05 (handles new output format for Lycos::Sites)

1999-12-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


1999-11-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* ZDNet.pm updated to 2.02 (handles new output format)

1999-11-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* AltaVista::Intranet.pm updated to 2.02 (fixed to work with latest AltaVista.pm)

1999-11-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm updated to 2.06 (supports Yahoo Korea)

1999-11-12  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* HotBot.pm updated to 2.07 (clean up and fix regexen)

1999-11-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Span.pm updated to 2.03

	* NorthernLight.pm updated to 2.04 (strip tags, etc.)

1999-11-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* MetaCrawler.pm fixed, renamed, and updated to 2.06

	* GoTo.pm updated to 1.05

1999-10-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* AltaVista.pm updated (handles new output format)

1999-10-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.04 (use strip_tags, and extract real URL
	from www.lycos.com's redirection URL)

1999-10-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Excite.pm updated to 2.03 (fixed parser for new output format,
	and now strips tags out of title and description)

1999-10-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* GoTo.pm updated to 1.04 (now uses source field of SearchResult)

	* new backend Dice.pm for searching jobs at www.dice.com

	* new backend AOL::Classifieds::Employment

	* new backend AltaVista::Careers

	* new backend Yahoo::Classifieds::Employment

	* new backend Monster.pm for searching jobs at jobsearch.monster.com

	* new backend HeadHunter.pm for searching jobs at www.headhunter.net

	* Google.pm updated to 2.09 (fixed parser for new output format)

	* HotBot.pm updated to 2.06 (strip tags, and new output format)

1999-10-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm updated to 2.05 (strip tags, ignore newsgroups)

	* Fireball.pm updated to 2.00 (fixed)

1999-10-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


1999-10-12  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Google.pm updated to 2.06 (fixed parser for new output format)

1999-10-11  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm updated to 2.04 (fixed parser for new output)

	* NetFind.pm updated to 1.5 (fixed parser for new output format)

1999-10-08  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* new fields in WWW::SearchResult (company, location, source)

	* cleaned up output of test.pl (again)

	* WebSearch now prints error messages to STDERR instead of STDOUT, and only prints "Nothing found." in verbose mode

1999-10-05  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Yahoo.pm updated to 2.03 (use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* WebCrawler.pm updated to 2.02 (use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* Magellan.pm updated to 2.02 (use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.03 (use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* LookSmart.pm updated to 2.02 (fixed)
	* Infoseek.pm updated to 2.05 (fix parser for Companies and News searches, and use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* HotBot.pm updated to 2.05 (new test cases and uses hash_to_cgi_string)

	* Excite::News.pm updated to 2.02 (fix parser)

	* Excite.pm updated to 2.02 (use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* Dejanews.pm updated to 2.03 (use hash_to_cgi_string)

	* new method WWW::Search::hash_to_cgi_string to control construction of parameter lists
1999-10-04  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* fixed pod2man error in NetFind.pm pod

1999-10-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* AltaVista.pm updated (gets approximate_result_count better now)

	* Search.pm updated (no longer screws up if
	approximate_result_count is called before parsing any results)
1999-10-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

1999-09-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* cleaned up the output of `make test`

1999-09-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* new module Lycos::Sites.pm for searching Lycos categorized sites
	* new module Lycos::Pages.pm for searching Lycos indexed web pages
	* Lycos.pm updated to 2.02 to recognize Sites searches
	* Yahoo.pm updated to 2.02 (new test cases, and pod update)

	* Infoseek.pm updated to 2.03 
	(handle \n in descriptions and ignore "company profile" URLs)

1999-09-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Infoseek.pm updated to 2.02 (fixed "next" page URL parsing)

	* WebSearch has a new option --debug to turn on debugging in backends
	* WebSearch has a new option --lwpdebug to turn on low-level LWP debugging

1999-09-27  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Google.pm updated to 2.05

	* Metapedia.pm updated to 2.06

1999-09-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* GoTo.pm updated to 1.03 (format change, URL unencryption fixed)

	* WebSearch pod reflects long option names

1999-09-20  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* NetFind.pm updated to 0.7 (AOL moved/merged their search services)

1999-09-17  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Dejanews.pm updated to version 2.02 (fixed URL parsing)

	* new backend Deja.pm for searching www.deja.com

1999-09-15  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* new backend GoTo.pm for searching www.goto.com

	* WebSearch has a new option --count to show the approximate_result_count

1999-09-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* `make test -u` now deletes existing test files before updating

	* NorthernLight.pm updated to version 2.03 (fixed URL parsing)

1999-09-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* new backend NetFind.pm for searching netfind2.aol.com

1999-09-07  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* extraneous warnings removed from AutoSearch

1999-08-19  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


1999-08-18  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* AutoSearch updated to version 2.01, with new command-line arguments -host and -port

	* AutoSearch now allows multiple -options arguments with the same key

1999-08-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* complete package tested with ActivePerl 519 in WinNT

	* It finally happened!  Our "Bogus" query string is starting to
	appear in web archives and is being indexed by search engines.
	Therefore, the "Bogus" query string now contains some "random"
	numbers so that it can never be indexed.

1999-08-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* WebSearch now allows long command-line argument names with double-minus

	* WebSearch updated to version 2.04, with new command-line arguments --host and --port

	* WebSearch now allows multiple --options arguments with the same key

1999-08-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* WebSearch now has its own VERSION number

1999-07-23  Jim Smyser

	* NorthernLight.pm updated to 2.02 (fix description parsing)

1999-07-16  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* complete package tested with ActivePerl 517 in Win98

1999-07-14  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>


1999-07-13  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* various cleanups in test.pl
	* All backends with their own version numbers have been bumped up
	to 2.01 (this is to clean up the CPAN database)

	* Makefile.PL and the test suite now work in Win32

	* all test cases updated for all working backends; test cases
	eliminated for known broken backends

	* NorthernLight.pm updated

	* new backend Google.pm for searching www.google.com

	* new backend OpenDirectory.pm for searching search.dmoz.org

1999-07-09  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Infoseek.pm updated to version 1.18; warnings removed

	* new backend LookSmart.pm for searching looksmart.com

1999-07-06  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Dejanews.pm updated to version 1.12; now uses www.deja.com;
	adheres to new test mechanism

	* AltaVista/AdvancedWeb.pm updated to version 2.01

1999-07-02  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* ZDNet.pm FIXED and updated to version 1.03

	* NorthernLight.pm FIXED and updated to version 1.05

1999-07-01  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* WWW::Search VERSION 1.025 RELEASED!

1999-06-30  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* WebCrawler.pm updated to version 1.14; adheres to new test mechanism

	* Infoseek.pm now strips HTML from titles and descriptions

	* Infoseek/Companies.pm updated to version 1.10; adheres to new test mechanism

	* Infoseek/News.pm updated to version 1.09; adheres to new test mechanism

	* Infoseek/Web.pm updated to version 1.10; adheres to new test mechanism

	* new exported function strip_tags()

1999-06-29  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Excite.pm updated to version 1.11; adheres to new test mechanism

	* new test mechanism puts list of test cases into each module's
	code (no more duplicate test code!)

	* Infoseek.pm updated to version 1.14; Companies and News searches fixed

1999-06-28  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* test/test.pl is more informative about errors

	* Infoseek.pm updated to version 1.13

1999-06-24  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* Profusion.pm updated to version 1.05

	* OpenDirectory.pm updated

1999-06-22  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* The version method is now implemented within the WWW::Search
	module, so backends no longer need to declare it locally

	* Snap.pm updated

1999-06-21  Kingpin  <mthurn@tasc.com>

	* NorthernLight.pm updated; now returns score and date for each hit

	* new backend AltaVista::Intranet

	* HotBot.pm updated; now unescapes URLs before returning them


RELEASE HISTORY (moved here from the README file):
1.002:  (11 October 1996)
- First public release.

1.004:  (31 October 1996)
- new:  AutoSearch, a client application (see below for details)
- new:  WWW::Search is now in CPAN (see GETTING WWW::Search for details)
- bug fix:  installation problem (no rule to make CLIENTS/search) fixed

1.005:  (12 November 1996)
- new: back-ends for HotBot, Lycos, and several AltaVista variants
- new: application support for search-engine selection
- new: application and library support for search-engine options

1.006:  (25 November 1996)
- private beta release, see 1.007 for list of new features

1.007: (17 December 1996)
- new: back-ends for Dejanews (from Cesare Feroldi de Rosa),
	Infoseek (also from Cesare Feroldi de Rosa),
	and Excite (from GLen Pringle)
- new: more fields in SearchResult (score, dates, etc., see the man page)
	(problem found by Cesare Feroldi de Rosa)
- new: better error handling on network failures
	(AutoSearch should report errors on its pages,
	$search->response() provides an API for error reporting)
- new (internal):  user_agent handling has changed
- new:  proxy support added to WWW::Search (still needed in applications)
	(problem and fix suggested by T. V. Raman)
- bug-fix: numerous documentation updates
	(problems found by Larry Virden)
- bug-fix: AltaVista web search was occasionally dropping hits
	(problem found by Larry Virden, fixed by Bill Scheding)
- bug-fix: all non-alphanumeric characters are now escaped
	(problem found by Larry Virden)

1.008:  (8 January 1997)
- private alpha release, see 1.009 for list of new features

1.009:  (14 January 1997)
overview:  1.009 is primarily a maintenance release to accommodate
	changes to LWP and some search engines.
- change:  search application renamed WebSearch (a more specific name)
- bug-fix:  the WWW::Search error in formatting is fixed
	(problem found by Larry Virden, fix by him and johnh)
- bug-fix:  RobotUA handling updated for new LWP in Search.pm
- bug-fix:  update for Infoseek (page format changed about 1 Jan 97)
	(problem found by Joseph McDonald, fix by Cesare Feroldi de Rosa)
- bug-fix:  update for Excite (page format changed about 9 Jan 97)
	(problem found by Juan Jose Amor, fix by GLen Pringle)

1.010: (20 August 1997)
overview:  an interim release to fix AltaVista
- new: normalized_score, a back-end independent score (from Paul Lindner)
- new: generic options are supported by several back-ends
	(specify search engine URL, debugging, etc.)
- new: AltaVista back-end now sets SearchResult::raw
- bug-fix: update for AltaVista (page format changed Jul 97)
	(some information wrt fix provided by Guy Decoux)

1.011:  (8 October 1997)
- internal alpha release, see 1.012 for list of new features

1.012:   (3 November 1997)
- Overview:  an alpha release for test-suite testing
- new: for testing, HTTP results can be saved to disk and played back
- new: test scripts (try "make test")
- bug-fix: Lycos works again and is now maintained by John Heidemann
- bug-fix: AltaVista advanced and news searches have been repaired
- bug-fix: some uninitialized value warnings suppressed
	(fix suggested by R. Chandrasekar (Mickey))
- new: new back-ends PLweb
- new: documentation for PLweb (contributed by Paul Linder)
- new: new back-ends: Gopher, Simple (contributed by Paul Linder)
- new: WWW::Search mailing list:
	to subscribe, send "subscribe info-www-search" as
	the body of a message to <info-www-search-request@isi.edu>

1.013, (19 February 1998)
overview:  this is an alpha release to include Martin's new back-ends

- bug fix:  HotBot back-end updated by Martin Thurn <mthurn@tasc.com>
- new:  Yahoo back-end now works, by Martin Thurn <mthurn@tasc.com>
- problem: several back-ends don't work (Lycos)
- problem: several back-ends don't have test suites and
	so may or may not work (DejaNews, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, PLweb,
	SFgate, Verity, Yahoo)
- reminder: WWW::Search mailing list:
	to subscribe, send "subscribe info-www-search" as
	the body of a message to <info-www-search-request@isi.edu>

1.014, (24 March 1998)
overview:  this is an alpha release to fix the AltaVista/Lycos back-ends
- bug fix:  AltaVista/Lycos back-ends
	(problem reported by Bilal Siddiqui <bilal.siddiqui@mankato.msus.edu>)
- known problem: some back-end test suites give intermittent results
- problem: several back-ends don't have test suites and
	so may or may not work (DejaNews, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, PLweb,
	SFgate, Verity, Yahoo)

1.015, (2-Apr-98)
overview:  this is an alpha release with several new back-ends
- new: back-ends: Magellan, WebCrawler (thanks to Martin Thurn)
- bug fix:  Yahoo/HotBot/Excite back-ends,
	with test suites.  Many thanks to Martin Thurn.
- bug fix:  AltaVista news test suites have been relaxed,
	even though the code worked before, the test suites
	used to report false negatives.
- bug fix: AltaVista is now more careful to detect the end of
	a hit's raw HTML
- new: the test suite has been enhanced to be less sensitive
	to changes in what's indexed
- problem: several back-ends don't have test suites and
	so may or may not work (DejaNews, Infoseek, PLweb,
	SFgate, Verity)
- reminder: WWW::Search mailing list:
	to subscribe, send "subscribe info-www-search" as
	the body of a message to <info-www-search-request@isi.edu>

1.016, 21-May-98
overview: this is an alpha to fix HotBot/Infoseek
- bug fix: Infoseek/HotBot back ends now work again.
	(HotBot problem reported by Alan McCoy <a.r.mccoy@larc.nasa.gov>,
	both back-ends fixed by Martin Thurn)
- addition: Infoseek test suite
- addition: test output now includes the version number

1.017, 27-May-98
overview:  this is the public release since 1.012
- bug fix: Lycos bug fix

1.018, 31-May-98
overview:  back-end updates
- bug fix: Excite and WebCrawler (by Martin Thurn),
	AltaVista (by John Heidemann)
	updated 30-May-98
- known bugs:  WWW::Search doesn't work on MacPerl because of
	end-of-line differences.  A fix for this problem is in
	progress.  (Problem identified and fix suggested by 
	Chris Nandor.)

1.019, 25-Jun-98
overview:  back-end updates
- bug fix: test suite bugs were causing false negatives on
	Yahoo, Excite, Magellan, WebCrawler (reported by Martin Thurn,
	fixed John Heidemann)
- new feature:  the test suite is now run daily (automatically).
	Output can be found at
- new feature: verbose mode of WebSearch is more verbose
- bug fix: AltaVista was recording the RealName URL on some queries
	(bug reported by Vassilis Papadimos <vpapad@dblab.ece.ntua.gr>)
- bug fix: AltaVista wasn't correctly reporting change_time/size 
	(bug and fix from Martin Valldeby <martin.valldeby@pakom.se>)

1.020, 12-Aug-98
overview:  lots of bug fixes and new back-ends
- bug fix:  maximum_to_retrieve now works for very small values.
	(Problem identified by Vidyut Luther <vluther@hpctc.org>.)
- new back-ends: ExciteForWebServers, FolioViews, Livelink, MSIndexServer,
	Null, Search97
	all from Paul Lindner (thanks!)
- bug fix:  Gopher, PLweb, SFgate, Simple, Verity from Paul Lindner
- bug fix:  Lycos from John Heidemann
- new test suites:  PLweb, FolioViews, Null, MSIndexServer, Search97,
	SFgate, ExciteForWebServers rom Paul Lindner
- bug fix:  HotBot repair from Martin Thurn

1.021, 27-Aug-98
overview:  a general release
- new:  Windows installation is now supported by
	Jim Smyser <jsmyser@bigfoot.com>; please see his web
	page <http://pubinfo.phx.primenet.com/www.search/>
	for details.
- new:  MacPerl should now be supported.  Thanks to Chris Nandor
	for the problem and a fix.
- bug fix:  Infoseek, WebCrawler, Dejanews, HotBot by Martin Thurn
- bug fix:  AltaVista approx_count bug found by
	Darren Stalder <darren@u.washington.edu>
- bug fix: documentation cleanups from Neil Bowers

1.022, 16-Oct-98
overview:  An interim release to fix several broken back-ends.
- bug fix: documentation cleanups from Ave Wrigley
- bug fix: Infoseek updates (from Martin Thurn)
- bug fix: AltaVista update (minor format changes Oct. 1998,
	partial fix from Andreas Borchert)
- new: back ends for Crawler, Fireball, NorthernLight from Andreas Borchert

1.024, 11-Dec-98
overview:  primarily bug fixes for back ends
- new: proxy support added to WebSearch and AutoSearch
	(based on code from Paul Linder)
- new: new back end for Snap.com (from Jim Smyser)
- bug fix:  Yahoo, HotBot, Excite, Lycos (from Martin Thurn),
	NorthernLight (from Jim Smyser)