* Changes for 0.05

- Fix the skip() calls in t/action_run.t
- Weird occasionaly premature deletion of output handle caused failure of same
  test. Wheel is no longer deleted in the sigchld handler, allowing remaining
  output to be delivered.

* Changes for 0.04

- Fix Test::Plan idiocy
- Fix Verby::Action::Run
- Remove various miscellaneous actions from the main Verby distribution into
  their own dists
- Add support for POE::Component::ResourcePool, to facilitate throttling of
  step execution

* Changes for 0.03 (9.12.2006)

* Changes for 0.02 (9.12.2006)

- Use Moose for all the boring OO bits
- use POE for the underlying async runloop

* Changes for 0.01 (6.25.2005)

- module released to the unsuspecting world